Game of Pawns


Oh. SO says WolfTamer. You and your buddy (loser) Masculus
When you insult people and try to bring them down, you merely demonstrate that they are already above you. Surely you are able to express your opinions without resorting to insults.

but you should just shut up though. You have no horse in this race.
You feel you're the person to decide who can or should post? These forums belong to all Grepolis players, even if they don't play on the server in question. In this case, theWolfTamer does play on the server and thus absolutely does have a horse in this race.


I have several, actually. Except I just offered the reigns over to the big alliance near me so my players could breathe a little bit. It's hard to find good hiding spots for your troops while you re-build your armies. Killing CSs gets boring too.

I'll admit, I don't think I've sniped their cream of the crop players more than twice but I've gotten the other players with nearly every CS sent in my vicinity. Even on the day my computer stopped working mid onslaught.

Dap lost his horse (to me). Did you get another? I still have yours.


Anyone wanna join us??? HAHAHAHAHA Just the little guy out in left field