G33ky Becomes ADs New Valentine

As of today Trodai and Braveheart have declared war on A&V. So it is a battle of #1 vs #2

The monster is going to have fun accept this time he gets to bring the kraken and the beast, let the feast begin
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They definitely have some worthy players. Some of their new acquisitions in Ocean 54, however... not so much. Glad to finally have a war on the forums that actually is close to me. Very eager to see how this plays out.


Its looking pretty ugly for aeQUITas at the moment. If they didnt boot members in the middle of sieges, it would look even worst....
Im sure someone from that alliance will be more than happy to update us....
RaGequitas is a better name. That is, if your intent is to troll...

They are semi decent - at least from the interactions I've seen. They attack at the right times, they support their sieges well, etc... I havent had a siege to be broken by them yet, however.


I dont troll, not sure exactly what that is or mean. I didnt change their name for laughs like u did, i just highlighted a particular word in their name. Just a bit of irony.....

Damage Inc...

Better get you marbles ready AD! I think Meri has them in her purse!