Announcement Future of the Ideas forum


Greetings Community,

Although we have been reviewing submissions in this forum for the past couple months, we have not been making them public for a number of reasons. After a few community suggestions, we have implemented a new system that will allow us to take care of the suggestions in a organized fashion, and present the most popular/organized ideas to InnoGames for consideration.

Starting Monday, March 30th, 2015 our ideas team will begin processing submitted suggestions and open them for discussion. We welcome you to create feedback for us, as we very much value your opinion. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact me by pm, or leave a post here and our ideas team will respond as soon as possible.

We appreciate you letting us know that this section holds a significant importance to the community, and we will make every effort to make sure that your voices are heard.


Your Grepolis Team


rickwadej Johnson: grepolis every 3 years should have a tournament world... this would only be for any person on all servers who is a top 50 fighter thru that 3 year span. they would get a invite, and the cost to play that world would be $20 - $50, There will be no gold allowed only admins... Additionally inno could make more money by adding advitisments to the log in page for that world..... They will run regular worlds as they normallly do but every 3 years take the top players and make it a tournament... it will give people who play incentive to play harder, spend more in the regular worlds to be a top 50 fighter to make it in the tournament. also making it more fun for the experineced players not to get burned out
... also this worlds settings would have to be very fast like speed 6 a world should last no longer than 4 months TOPS


Would you please help PEGASUS? No one uses it because it's so weak.


They are excellent blunt defenders against harpies, gryffins, horses, etc


I was wondering if you guys could add a way to edit the application.That way, we can make it to fit what we want new members applying for my alliance or others alliances.Instead of having a standard application.Also, can you make it so that when people fill out an application, that they have to fill it out, I don't know if that is possible, but it is frustrating when people apply but they don't fill out any of the information.


All critical changes ( eg: World Wonder related ) should not apply to those world where WW started/in progress. this is to make sure it's fair to all players / alliances.

recent change log (Change log 2.126) will have major impact to all wonder keeper alliance as this changes going to cause them lost the full control of the island which is not fair enough to the alliance.

All major changes is good to conduct a survey and get input from all players before proceed or deploy.


I hope I've found the correct place to make a suggestion...

The reservations settings for how long a reservation made by an alliance member can be set in however many days we want it to stay reserved. Our alliance are all of the opinion that 1 day is too short, but 2 days is too long.

We'd like to set reservations to last 1.5 days but the game won't allow that. Is there anyway we can have the reservations changed to "hours" instead of "days" (or allow us to put in the ".5") to allow us to have 1.5 days/36 hour reservations please?


Please change the color of

fast Transports---Blue would be nice


One other idea---- A MONTHLY "NO ATTACKS" WEEKEND. I know quite a few player who appreciate the Thanksgiving,Christmas, New Years "break"
Having a free break week end each month would add to the enjoyment of the game.