Fun Facts about the Summit

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Let's start our weekly edition of Fun Facts about the Summit :D

Fun Facts about The Summit


1. People on the top of a Summit are really high

2. The Summit is the highest you can be on a mountain, so that means the Summit cannot gain any more ranks!

3. "Mount Juktas is the site of one of the most important peak sanctuaries in the Minoan world"...the Minoans were conquered.

4. The Summit tried to merge with Radioactive when Radioactive was rank 10 but RA declined

5. Two MRAs, Two Farms, are now one (The Summit and Lords of Chaos)

6. The initials of The Summit are TS. That also stands for "Turtle Senate" which would be a good name for them.

7. There are a lot of Alpine Turtles in this Summit

Stay tuned for more fun facts!


Sounds like someone's a little cranky ;)
Can't take a lose, eh?
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Aw King David! It must be tough to be you. Always trolling posts and trying to stir up trouble. It would tire me out something terrible!


It's ok Charl. It wasn't directed towards you.
Every time I try and type something sarcastic about you Charl, Puss and Boots throws me off.

Kind David on the other hand, he makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside! I get excited and do crazy things when he is around ;)


Personally, I think it's awesome that the Biggest, Baddest, Most Powerful, Unstoppable, Mightiest Alliance On The Server is crying on the forum about some little pissant bunch that they just can't seem to crack.

I mean, I get that every other bunch that you interacted with folded like a cheap suit the first time you rattled a lightship at them, but come on. You had to figure that every quality player who turned you down flat when you invited them to your alliance would eventually consolidate in one place...


I like being funny, I like spamming, I like parties and having fun while doing it