Fun Facts about Dark Water!


Please note: All Fun Facts are in no way meant to personally insult any player. They are merely for comical purposes.

Dark Water!

1. Toilet Water is pretty dark!

2. You cannot see in Dark Water, so often times Dark Water Members will send to the wrong city. How unfortunate :-(

3. Many siting confirm that Dark Water members have a secret weapon no other alliance in the world can match! They are believed to fight with Water Guns :eek:

4. Dark Water Leader, SmashnGrabmypeanuts, claims that the war with Anastasis vs Dark Water was the first war on Juktas. I wonder where he was the rest of the time :confused:. Must have been taking a bath.

5. "Dark Waters," a Horror film released in 2005, ended up getting a whooping 5.5/10 rating. Woohoo

6. For a Horror film, their attacks are pretty horrible ;-)


Didn't have to wait too long, huh?

Good read! Someone should do some fun facts about RA lol