Farwell Blood Legion! Thanks for playing!!


So here's the story, all about how BL's life got flipped, turned upside down now I'd like to take a minute so just sit right there, I'll you how you BL lost the game because They think they're the best..

Bigs Cats Bears (prequel to Blood Legion)

Run by Breez and Bear666, they pacted everyone under the sun and ran a dictatorship. Very unorganized and didn't really do anything worth noting. Emilio E (original leader of Ni) declared war on them because they were an MRA and was looking for food (and they were a MASSIVE MRA).

During this time, BOO (Born of Osiris, prequel to Black Legion), was BCB academy but broke off because they didn't want anything to do with BCB's idiocies and get involved in a war they had no chance or hope of even competing in. Also during this time, Sadface was acting as a spy for Ni during this war. But, King Dr.Acula, who isn't a fan of spies. Called him out on it upon learning of it and told BCB. Bear and Breez were thankful and Sad got the boot, then joined Ni. Emilio eventually leaves for the military (God bless mate!) and Sad somehow takes over.. Then he merges in Clan Macleod and goes back to war with BCB. BOO, then reorganizes and becomes Black Legion. Eventually, BCB secondary leaders get power hungry and decide they no longer want to fight and don't like bear and breez. So Iamspartacus gets founders rights by deceiving them and gives them the boot.

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Now they think they're big shots! They try reestablishing their connection with Black Legion. And eventually do. The even renamed themselves Blood Legion to mirror Black Legion (Anyone else starting to see who wants to be like who yet?). XtremeRIP also joins Ni as a "peace offering" according to BL (however, according to RIP, it's because he's sick and tired of them being idiots). So then Sad and King get into it and Sad and Beach launch some attacks and CS's against King. Because Black L and BL are now supposed "brothers", mandate calls for help from BL if needed. No such help came and BL sent mail saying "You're on your own go F yourself" (indirectly). So a big fight happens because now BL is betraying Black Legion and going back on their word for being cowards (even though BL claims they'd break a pact; There was NO such pact NOR ever was. It's because they're afraid to fight. So now Things are fine and dandy for about a month. Black Legion goes to war with Vortex, and they ran away IMMEDIATELY flying up their white flags and merged into BL to be safe. Then Black Legion goes to war with RR (for breaking pact terms and other reasons; Mostly Rorics fault as evidence has pointed out). They also run into BL for safety. Then there's Trojan Warriors who do the same thing and Sledgehammers. Only SH does it because they don't want to fight either. So, Now..


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During these mergers, Bl decides to go to war with Black Legion for literally no reason.. So King calls them out. Now, it's on. The hate the they develop eventually consumes them.

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Later on, they run an OP on King, consisting of 20+ players. Who take 5 cities. Again..Big whoop! King wasn't even online to defend for 4 of them because of what he does in real life.

But while away, King and Spart agree on a merger deal consisting of these 3 points:

1) Name change to Legion. This would represent both Alliances equally.

2) Jrrrrrr will have ceremonial title of founder. Blood wanted no
leaders but agreed that we needed at least one person to start with
for it to be fair. 074 is where I would be leading along with one of
there members. Most likely hippejam

3) lower members go to BLR. Once the smaller members grow and are
active enough moving to Legion would happen. Also at this time
rearranging needs to take place before all of us could fit into one
alliance anyways.

The two other points that were discussed but NEVER agreed upon but then altered are below with their alternates:

4) Drac will not have leadership position. Blood legion hates Drac and
did not want him here at all. Drogo and I worked very hard so that he
could stay and we can try to make some progress here. If he proves
himself to them and builds trust he will be able to mve up at that

Alt: Drac will be allowed a leadership position after some time passes and he can be trusted again

5) Drac will be moved to BLR. There council will only allow him to
start here for the same reasons.
Drac will start in BLR and after a while will be moved up to BL

However, BL like the typical bums they are, don't honor a SINGLE term of this, JR just gets a leaders right and not Founders as these terms (Which came from BL) CLEARLY outline..

However, the problem is Drac hasn't done anything to ruin their trust? He's told the truth in every conversation, and simply kicked their butt in war. Seriously, how is it that BL is 4x Black Legions size via area controlled, 3x the roster size, AND geographically sitting on top of them yet CANNOT BEGIN TO WIPE THEM OUT!??!!? THEY'RE THE ALLIANCE OF THE EAST!!!

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So King gets his leadership position after a few days (Which surprised us both), only to find he got set up and booted. Surrinder, Leader of BLR gets threatened to boot him (Hey Surrinder, how's it feel to be a bug on chains to a bunch of idiots?). So king gets booted. But NOT before he finds out that his Right hand man, Jrrrrrrr, backstabbs him and tells them a bunch of stuff (Well played Jrrr. Good thing King taught you EVERYTHING you know huh!?). And for what? No one knows! He was a leader in Black Legion and now a leader in BL. Course now he's just playing sim city so maybe that's his MO?!??

And now that King got the boot, BL made him a martyr and now people are waking up and ditching BL and joining TM and others. FINALLY realizing King was RIGHT ALL ALONG and that BL's leaders were leading them to their death. Their Booting of King, was them committing suicide in effect. As now, they're freaking out in the forums and saying how they're giving up because they cannot defeat FC (BTW, King and I BOTH know how to beat them but noooo, nobody likes us!) and now they're just waiting for death to come.

So All in all, farewell Blood Legion, it was nice playing with a bunch of deceitful liars who are TERRIBLE at this game and CANNOT lead a dog to it's own nose.. To those who ditched BL, welcome to real life and congrats on waking up to reality! Enjoy your time finishing out the world! And those in BL reading this thinking they can escape, sorry, but you've lost because you remained blind by your leaders inability to effectively lead and their blind hatred for King because he PROVED how terrible they were and they hated him for it. FC, AV, and TM are no longer your friends and they won't be taking in anyone else. YOU LOST

Oh but wait, let's kill King now to shut him up because he's Paul S right? Here's what I got to say:
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Oh look at that! All the BL leaders went into VM because a alliance their size decided to go to war with them and started wiping them all over the floor. Then, after losing multiple cities, Iamspartacus comes out of VM and disbands the Blood Legion.

Oh how good it feels to be right!

Hopefully now everyone who was for BL realizes how much of terrible players they truly are and who really deserves to win. Not the "Team of the East"! That's for sure!!

Looks like free cities to me!


Sounds like everyone did something wrong. They were tools to you it appears. But throwing up the war record when you merged doesn't build trust.

Oh well, they're dead and gone. Take it TM means The Misfits again?


No, The Militia. And yeah they took more cities. But when you're sitting on top of your enemy (literally), and you can't kill them, you're pretty bad.. Just saying. But yes, the 4 leaders all ran into VM and it's doubtful they come back.

On to the rest of the world