Farewell to Garydam


Anyway guys, it's been a blast playing in Upsilon, I've thoroughly enjoyed playing with my team mates and against worthy opponents. Unfortunately real life is kicking my ass and I sadly have no more time to pursue the ultimate victory.
Be careful, have fun and don't break the Grepolis guys. thisisgrepolis

You are too humble Garydam. Let me brag on you before you leave for good.

Gary has become a bit of a celebrity back in Ireland with his work on at-risk youth, prison, recidivism and such. His work caught the attention of some very large philanthropist donors, and the further success of his work depends also on his obtaining a Phd. at the same time as managing and fund-raising for his Foundation. Throw family life into the mix, and I think you got the picture.

In short, sometimes Real Life sux, and the reason for leaving grepo may be an ultimatum from a spouse, a parent, a grade point average or a doctor -urging a less sedentary life style. But happily this is not the case.

Gary must seize the opportunity that has knocked on the door and leverage all the free media attention and willing donors to the maximum.

Carpe Diem and best of luck to you pal.

P.S. In case you hadn't noticed, all of Gary's cities had been named after famous prisons.

P.S.S. Doesn't this virtual crown look so 'right' upon my head? I'm gonna win this crown for you Gary, especially since it was you who talked me into playing a money-sucking, grindy speed one world in the first place!

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But but I liked his posts on the forums :( they were entertaining!

Anyway, good luck to you Gary!