Epsilon Weekly News 1st Edition(Name will most likely change) SPECIAL EDITION


Here is the first issue of your Epsilon Worldly news. This should be done once a week and mostly on weekends, but this is a special edition! First thoughts of the new world Epsilon.

And of course to start your day off we have the rankings:

Rank Name Alliance Points Cities Avg. points per city
1 camram 1,444 1 1,444
2 Darkshine French Noob 1,440 1 1,440
3 Neuritico -Work In Progress- 1,425 1 1,425
4 Predator1 1,350 1 1,350
5 SockerKonny Semper Fi 1,336 1 1,336
6 Lynchius French Noob 1,335 1 1,335
7 uranus1 Why so serious ? 1,333 1 1,333
8 Floyd Noel The Rising Knights 1,324 1 1,324
9 Setax Semper Fi 1,311 1 1,311
10 LittleHatek Why so serious ? 1,295 1 1,295
11 Taz Xanth 1,288 1 1,288
12 Mighty 9er GOD Roma Surrecta 1,271 1 1,271
13 flow16 Why so serious ? 1,270 1 1,270
14 01memo Semper Fi 1,253 1 1,253
15 mstess No Guts No Glory 1,238 1 1,238

Alliance Rankings:

Rank Name Points Members Cities Avg. points per member Avg. points per city
1 White Lotus Society 51,109 62 62 824 824
2 -Work In Progress- 44,691 57 57 784 784
3 The Doom Reapers 40,862 53 53 770 770
4 Semper Fi 39,988 41 41 975 975
5 No Guts No Glory 36,185 41 41 882 882
6 Why so serious ? 32,654 32 32 1,020 1,020
7 =L.O.R.D.Z= 32,161 38 38 846 846
8 Roma Surrecta 29,982 32 32 936 936
9 DKBT 24,401 29 29 841 841
10 Pillars of War 23,208 29 29 800 800
11 Ace of Hearts 16,064 24 24 669 669
12 Black Lotus Society 15,755 19 19 829 829
13 The Rising Knights 15,611 18 18 867 867
14 Punk in Drublic 14,541 15 15 969 969
15 The Ancients 14,335 17 17 843 843

Now that the rankings are out of the way let's get down to the fun stuff. First thing is:

Ipod's Take:

Well as we all know alliances will come and go and only a few of these top 15 will stand the test of time. So to see where these alliances would go is quite difficult especially in the beginning of the world. I do though see some familiar names such as Ace of Hearts and Why so Serious. As for the player rankings those should change soon enough. What I found odd though is some of the top players are up for grabs and are not part of alliances. Perhaps this is by choice I do not know, but usually the top players are always if not immediately recruited, but are taken up quite fast.

I hope you enjoyed my take.

Now time for our special interviewees: When reading the interviews start from the bottom up not the top down.

#1: Ranubis of White Lotus Society

Well thank you Ranubis. Please look for the issue of the Epsilon newspaper there.

1. I personally think that Semper Fi, Roma Surrecta, definitely The Ancients, maybe Pillars of War, and Why so serious. But I only think Why So Serious would make it because this time around they have a mix of Illuminati, and I think some from Impetus.

2. Not sure about the Grepolis forums, I usually avoid it. Too much political strife going on there lol.

#1: Which of the top 15 alliances do you think will stand the test of time?
#2: Is there a way to put spoilers on the grepolis forums?

Sure thing, shoot.

Thank you Ranubis. Anything else? And if that is all you'd like to say can I ask you one final question? Actually maybe 2?

I'd have to say that it's still too soon to give an opinion on Epsilon, but as for the players and alliances, I see a lot of experienced players here as well as some new ones. We have a good mix of guys from various other worlds; Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and even Hyperborea. I see The Doom Reapers, and Semper Fi are here, I've noticed The Ancients, Roma Surrecta, and The Rising Knights are here; all of which have great players. Many I've had the pleasure of working with in other worlds. The new players seem to be willing to learn...so I think it'll turn out good.

So what do you think of Epsilon? Do you think the World has gone to a good start? Your thoughts on other top ranking alliances etc or players? Anything you'd like to say to the readers of our newspaper?

Sure what's up? I didn't know there was a newspaper already.

I'm with the Epsilon newspaper can you please spare a moment of your time?

Anterrabea of DKBT:

Well thanks for your time.

Just this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glhdcJ7K3XM

And is there anything else you'd like to share?

Epsilon is fine so far, I was very excited about these settings, I pushed for no morale, it finally was approved, so I'm very happy for that. I've been keeping an eye on the other alliances and players, and won't comment on which will last and won't, but I'm happy to see a bunch of familiar faces. DKBT is here to stay, we started late on Gamma, but fared very well for quite a while. We're here in much larger force, and will be moving on up steadily. If anyone would like to join us, feel free to send me a message.

So how are you liking Epsilon so far? What is your take on other alliances and players? Which alliances do you think may or may not last? Do you have anything else to say to the readers of our newspaper?


With the Epsilon newspaper. Can you spare some of your time please?

KMoney207 of Roma Surrecta

Thanks for your time.

No thanks. Cool to see another Total War fan though!

Anything else you'd like to tell our readers?

I still think you are joking, but I will answer anyway lol. I mean it has been a day so no real input. Same start as other worlds, perhaps a little more popular than most of the other US worlds. Alliances and players, no input really. Too early to tell.

How is Epsilon turning out for you? What do you think about other alliances and players so far?
Anything else you'd like to share with our readers?

Alright go ahead

Newspaper. I'm just interviewing you. This goes on the forums.

lol what?

I'm with the Epsilon newspaper. Can you spare some of your time please?

TBC.... There will be a second half for those who haven't replied since technically I can't save my work so there is going to be a Part 2.



Um why did my editing of the rankings disappear? I made spaces in between so they were all perfectly aligned.... Oh well... There goes about an hour of my life down the drain...


Could you please use "italic" & "bold" somewhere?
May seem a little bit boring o.o


I am disappointed they didn't mention my alliance :(
We will stand lol


Overall a decent paper however it is kind of a wall of text. If you would like suggestions I would say add some pics, use bold and italics, adapt some color and form to the text, maybe interview a top 12 player or two. Overall the content is alright just need to make it more attractive to the eye.


Can I at least post part 2 XD. And continue a bit. I've made a few improvements to part 2 thanks to some help from very helpful people.


Yes u can....Your papers are good just make it more attractive to the eye like Black said.....:)