EoD vs AD

Hopefully this will inspire the great fighters of EoD.... I wont put EoD vs Trodai as I feel that number will be to much of a morale hit to EoD so well just use me

So far city takes are as follows:

AD has taken 3 "inactive members cities"
EoD has Taken Zero from AD

Stay tuned for many more city takes, From EoD ofcourse you didnt think they would get a city of mine did you silly lol.....


Just remember 'he hath heard that men of few words are the best of men'

That's not AD but....wouldn't say it if he couldn't back it up


I think im way over the 48 hour CS TT limit to anyone of your alliances cities (not that ive checked).
Apprax, I just love your blind accusations with no substantiating evidence. But that's ok, I guess your persona is intentionally unlovable.
NO what happened, Ill say one thing as well

Took another 2 cities score is FIVE to ZIP..... sorry correction another 2 "inactive" cities
Nah..... Next alliance to disband is going to be EoD, i am calling ti right now as everyone I see is going into vaca mode

Oh YA guess what another city AD 6, EoD Zero

They did defend one today though and stopped me which i was happy about as i felt a pulse, however faint it was

Judst to be clear i think the thread title was very clear about what we would be talking about here, ME AS ALWAYS


Apprax, I just love your blind accusations with no substantiating evidence. But that's ok, I guess your persona is intentionally unlovable.
Lol, you learn to love it. AD's humor is an aquirred taste! (sorry for spelling)
sure ill update it, the score is AD 8 and EoD Zero

Despite you not being a man of your word Deboy....

Brace for impact you have awaken the krakken
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(E.o.D) has lost to TROD. They are the clear winner of the war, WE could not fight on all side and devote our strengthen to any one war. So I will admit defeat publicly on a job well done and one hell of a War.

AD, Penn, Romo, PTW, McGee, stormcrush and G.I Joe were over whelming in the South. After we lost Bad- Company our southern front was open for the taking. By us retooling getting better players in the south just took too long and opened a window for the Alliance in the north to merge together and join to fight us.. We just didn't have enough in our tank to push TROD back. They were the better alliance, which hurt to say. Because I am the Founder of (E.o.D)

Thank you ladies and gentlemen for the great war, And I wish you guys the best of luck winning this world.

Aaron, An MRA is a Mass recruit alliance.. You do know that right?


Mr. kraken my soldiers are leaving the ship on my command, My boat is sinking you have beat me outright.

Your core group of members were better than my Southern core members. You are not only a better Grepolis player than myself, you are also a better leader and captain. All I ask is that after you take all my cities, you pick up some of my soldiers so they don't all drown or turn into a brotherhood and Co.

(E.o.D) still has some very good members that would fight very hard for you AD (Everyone see's just how good you guys are) , Zeph , romo and penn... You don't ever know how good someone is until you fight them or how loyal a player is until you give them power.. I fully understand because of our skill level your bar might be kinda high, Judging by your company. But if you would just give some of my members a chance they will prove to help you achieve your goals.

I am asking man to man, to please let some of our better members join you guys instead of them joining the Brotherhood. I want my member to win..