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    I give you -eNe-

    Hi All,

    We will be joining the Delta world which will be the next one to come out. This alliance is going to be made up of the best players I can find from the EN server and the US Server.

    If you want to join now's your time so sign up using this format:

    In-Game Name:
    Hours A Week:
    Grepolis Stats:
    Why you want to join?
    And a joke:

    Gamma Newspaper Writer
    WaveOfColor Art Shop

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    wow speed world 1? ya i tried that once before and it was like watching paint dry! i know its good for people who are really busy in RL but its just a bit to slow.good luck to you guys :)

  3. In-Game Name: Social Butterfly
    Hours A Week: alot
    Grepolis Stats: http://grepointel.com/track.php?server=us2&pn=Social%20Butterfly&rt=overview
    Why you want to join?: because i feel like it
    And a joke: Q:why did the chicken cross the road? A: we dont need to know, it got run over by a bus​
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    Sorry... but this is a while back... I will be making a alliance for next world. You can join that one?
  5. okay thats fine! i will join in Hyperborea
  6. THEOS

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    thats over 45 worlds away...
  7. TheHermit

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    No, its the next world mate. Comes out on the 18th
  8. THEOS

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    oh we arent joining it though
  9. then what other world are you talking about?
  10. THEOS

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    actually we are joining
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