Actively Recruiting

Dear All,

As a player who has played several worlds and played the lotto of finding the right alliance for you I can understand the caution at the start of new world.

I am a fair leader but expect team work, good and active participation and communication. It is too early to talk strategies but for certain elements such as gold trading will be yet again I suspect a key element of the outcome of the game.

That said good organisation and a will to be successful are also key and I have those and look when established to fellow members of the leadership to ensure the ship is running smoothly.

It is important that we keep the above in mind but also bear in mind this is a game and effort and accomplishment should go hand in hand with skill. We look to recruit players of all skill levels and will help those who maybe new to learn the game and expand quickly as well as sustainably.

Please message me, kingedward1st, for an invitation.

Many thanks and hope to welcome you soon.