Newspaper Edessa Chronicles Issue Nine



By Scipio Africanus I

In This Issue:
  • Quick Update
  • WEEKLY War Stats
  • Tavern
  • Wheel of Fortune

Quick Update
It has been approximately 1 month since the beginning of the world. What has happened?
  • World was opened on October 28,2015
  • HAMMERDOWN Fell a few days later
  • Empire of Death Fell
  • Shoot and Scoot merged with Rebooted, leader jumped to Sith Battle Toads
  • Havoc disbanded
  • Usual Suspects is being targeted by 3 or more alliances
  • Parthian Shot is in first place and Victorious Secrets is now in second place
  • Rebooted is being targeted as well

In this issue, I would like to focus on the core oceans which are:


  • Red is Usual Suspects
    Yellow Legion of Death
    Blue is Parthian Shot
  • Usual Suspects has been targeted for the past couple of days
  • Legion of Death still remains in second place after all this time;not really targeted.


  • Red is Sith Battle Toads
    Yellow is Serial Killerz
    Blue is Knights of the Republic
  • Sith Battle Toads currently owns the most islands in this ocean.
  • Sith Battle Toads basically owns the east side of O45 while Serial Killerz and Knights of the Republic owns the west half of the ocean.


  • Red is Parthian Shot
    Yellow is Agent Orange
    Blue is serial killers
  • As you can see, Parthian Shot owns the southern part of 54
  • Agent Orange owns the top part of O54
  • serial killers is directly in between Agent Orange and Parthian Shot


  • Red is Parthian Shot
    Yellow is Victorious Secret
    Blue is Punk in Drublic
  • Parthian Shot owns the top part of O55
  • Victorious Secret owns most of the southern part of O55
  • Punk in Drublic is in the midwest part of O55

WEEKLY War Stats
WAR STATSAgent Orange vs Usual Suspects
WAR STATSThe Underverse vs Unknown
WAR STATSMen of Mayhem vs Russian Roulette
WAR STATSPunk in Drublic vs Victorious Secret

Parthian Shot

What are your thoughts on the world so far?
Swamp-Fox said:
World is fun.
Now that the Halloween Event has ended, what has changed?
Swamp-Fox said:
people don't have as much troops.
Does that give you an advantage? If so, why?
Swamp-Fox said:
Has your alliance declared war on anyone yet? If so, what is the score?
Swamp-Fox said:
Yes. We are winning
Which alliances are you fighting?
Swamp-Fox said:
a lot of em
To end the newspaper, do you like the newspapers and how can the newspaper be improved?
Swamp-Fox said:
like them, maybe more actual facts instead of just rumors
Cuban Sandwich
Victorious Secret

What are your thoughts on the world so far?
Cuban Sandwich said:
Starting off pretty well. Lot's a familiar folks in this world i've played with, and against. It's going to be interesting how it all plays out as we go along. I'm excited about the potential of our group and love playing with these folks.
Your alliance is now in 2nd place. What are your thoughts on that?
Cuban Sandwich said:
very proud of the progress our team has made. We've got a group of some pretty savvy, aggressive players that really enjoy supporting one another. It doesn't hurt that we have one of the best recruiters around. I wont say his name but it rhymes with wings.
There seems to be tough competition in O55. What are your thoughts on the alliances in that ocean?
Cuban Sandwich said:
it's going to be real interesting to see how it all plays out. Every group is capable and a threat to take the ocean. It will all come down to how active each alliance is top to bottom. Each has some dominance at the top. I'm confident our group is up to the challenge. It's going to be fun that's for sure. And as always in the beginning, politics will play a key role in how it all plays out over time.
Your alliance seems to be taking cities from ReBooted and Greek Warlords I. Is your alliance at war with either of the two alliances?
Cuban Sandwich said:
yes we targeted the warlords early on as the closest threat. So far they have not put up much of a fight. I wouldn't call it an all out war against Rebooted. We have a lot of respect for those folks over there. A lot of them we call friends. I think its more posturing on both sides trying to make sure the other knows who has the biggest stick and that neither will back down
Your alliance profile picture has 2 girls and a puppy. Where did it come from?
Cuban Sandwich said:
Our founders came up with that one. I can't remember if it was Kings or Franchise.
Does your alliance plan on doing world wonders?
Cuban Sandwich said:
will see how it goes. I think everyone is in it to win it right now and people always like going for that crown
To end the interview, do you like the newspapers and what needs to be included to make them more interesting?
Cuban Sandwich said:
yeah i love it. not a big frequenter of the forums but I'm getting there more often and I've found myself reading every paper. You learn a lot and get a better idea holistically of the entire world not just your little section. Everyone likes a little trash talk or controversy lol

Welcome to another Tavern! It is up to you to decide which are rumors and which are facts
  • REBOOTED has been targeted by 4 different alliances and is losing cities to all of them
  • Victorious Secret is currently developing an OP against Parthian Shot
  • Agent Orange and Usual Suspects are have an NAP
  • Edessa Chronicles currently have no Pacts, no NAPs, no enemies
  • Legion of Death is currently taking inactive cities.

Wheel of Fortune
Last Issue’s Winner: Kell553

PRIZE: 4000 Stone

Welcome to the 7th Wheel of Fortune.
Pick a number between 0-50
See you next week.

I hope you enjoyed this issue. If you want to +rep me, go ahead! If you want to enter the Wheel of Fortune, I highly recommend it! If you have any suggestions please post below. See you all in the next issue!
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Good job Stogus :) I pick 27, not going to give up on it.


im going with 33, and since you did 45, you might want to look up the war stats between us and knights of the republic ;), SKz are dominating, great newspaper


im going with 33, and since you did 45, you might want to look up the war stats between us and knights of the republic ;), SKz are dominating, great newspaper

We're not "dominating", we're crushing them :p I even got myself a nice little city yesterday. The alliance will disband by the end of the week I think :)


We're not "dominating", we're crushing them :p I even got myself a nice little city yesterday. The alliance will disband by the end of the week I think :)

Good job crushing those noobs, they must be bad since Kyllmen is taking their cities :p ;)