Newspaper Edessa Chronicles Issue Eight


Sure they might have only taken your inactives but Usual Suspects has two sister alliances. That's a large amount of players I am guessing they have some inactives. Why haven't you guys been taking their inactives ?

lol bro, we just started... Fun times are sure to come..


I am wondering why no interview with me, am I not good enough yet? LoL im growing so you will have to talk to me sometime! Im very active and looking fowad to making this world fun.. Once I start spending money, things will change :) The old guy is now back and ready for action.. I was recently laid off so I have lots more time for this! Expect me to be on top soon :)

Any haters out there feel free to message me, as I bring it! Any foes out there, be smart and attack me:) Try to RIM me, otherwise im coming :)
sigh he is back!.....that's it i am reseting...bye ya'll "the old guy is now back and ready for action"