Early sign up for new worlds


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To allow players to join a world prior to opening so they get a ping/notification when it actually starts.

It seems that most worlds start/open between 10am and noon (EST), sometimes earlier, sometimes later, but not at the same time with every world. Not sure if this randomness is on purpose or for technical reasons or just one of the mods needs to click “Start”.

Basically looking to sign up for a world before it opens and get a ping when its time to start to get building as soon as possible without refreshing the world selection page every 10-15 minutes hoping its open but not knowing when it will.

Looking for the world selection page to have the new world listed and selectable say 12-24 hours after being announced in the forum and/or 24-36 hours prior to opening. If the world opening time is supposed to be random it still allows for this occurrence.

This allow players to reserve their spot with same options of NE/NW/SE/SW (still randomly assigned, but closer to the center).. And then a sneak preview of the map to see where they’ll be.

Then to get notifications for when the world actually opens; To allow the most amount of players to start immediately.
  • Would simply allow you to select a the world and found your polis but then pause you until the world opens
  • You could adjust your settings, send messages, found alliances & forums, but no building, killing bandit, etc
  • Helena could do her thing and be there with one of her messages just saying that the world is coming soon and to have patience. If there is an Exact time, she could maybe have a countdown timer.
  • An island quest/city founded push notification would let you know the world is now open
  • Beginner protection would start when the world opens and the ping is sent out, so there would be a slight risk to signing up early but a benefit of notification.
  • Players that like to wait a week and then join on the outskirts would still be able to do so/wouldnt impact them
Just a thought. I know people get excited for new worlds and this could help build on the excitement, just a taste the day before. Alliance founders would have a day to get their "paperwork" out of the way and not have it cut into playing time. Wouldn’t think it would be too difficult for developers to implement, but not tech savvy by any means.
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