Do you want to be part of something great? Are you a leader? A natural Grepolis brawler? Consider joining us. We are here to create a Dynasty to remember. We learn from our mistakes and correct the errors of our past. We have fun and enjoy the game. We work together as equals with everyone getting there say. All active players are welcome hope to see you here.​

We will also be offering complimentary cereal everyday for breakfast with many flavors and brands to choose from. Please see Cereal Killers alliance page for a current list of cereals provided.

Milk will be provided free of charge from alliance Take notes courtesy of Kyle and his mates.

Come on everyone lets eat some breakfast!
Please watch orientation video before requesting to join.

In recent events Angel food of darkness has also decided to join the ranks of delicious foods available.
Hamburger helper of all flavors ready for your liking.
-I personally enjoy the Cheeseburger macaroni-.

GL to all

Confirmed Members:
prosper pwnr
1 Top Cat
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Experience you can look up my awards in game to see the servers I have played.
Still currently playing on Actium 750k pts with 50 Cities ranked 60 on server. Not the top but running the marathon.
Anyone can tell you how awesome or how much experience they have none of that matters if you cant run a marathon.
I personally have a few years of grepo experience and have been a leader or founder of multiple top ten alliances from Heraklion and the servers in between to Actium.

Hoping to get a good group together that is here to stay not just come out strong and falter after a month in.

Yes there will be others coming over to join us as well.
consider joining us will be a fun time I'm sure!


Nvm, I ask a simple question because I may be interested and get negative rep and " what's it gotta do with you join and see" lol is there a point to a recruitment thread then.
Hit you with that +rep, they really should have had it if they want good recruits


normally experienced players will look at stats or intel a bit of homework first.

Or we could just tell you how good we are and you take our word for it.

We have won 4 servers with a crown. Have played since the first server opened and are the #1 attackers and defenders on all servers.
Do you believe me? I didn't think so. Good players do there own checking not relying on someone else's words.