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Here are mine:


In a recent conversation with a well established alliance's founder, I was informed they would rather face extinction than give up the stats they have earned here on Upsilon by starting something new with the manpower to contend. This was last week and now I am reading this thread so I'm just gonna throw this out there as a reminder:

Stats do not win crowns. Points do not win crowns. People win crowns.

And while I am happy to see signs of life on these forums let's not forget:

A couple of other things too:
1. Not every alliance have taken up arms against The HIVE and Oli is correct in stating this beef started against Kelset migrated here to Upsilon, although most who craved revenge have since left along with him.
2. We are all some 13 months from WWs and lots will change in the mean time. None of us are immune and this includes your current affiliations and oppositions.
3. Longevity is the real test of an alliance in this game of attrition. The hate that fuels your society is fleeting and while it may currently unite you in the long run it can not sustain. This means more guilds will fall to internal strife than outside pressures, in reality you are your own worst enemy.
4. Ernie has a Crush on me, isnt that cute? I may just change my name to Bert.

Careful what you wish for bud it might just come true.

Raise Havoc!!!



There is no score in war!!!

The US made this mistake on a daily basis with their fixation on the notion of 'bodycount'. And of course the master of all bad scorekeeping was Iraq's Propoganda-in-Chief, Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf (better know as Baghdad Bog or Comical Ali).

But until a world concludes there must be something in all those scores kept by grepo. Let's be honest, we all look at em at least once a week. And certain scores, like goose eggs, are excellent ways to locate freshly inactive players. So I'd say the only important 'scores' are those that assist in making good intelligence estimates.

As far as pics go, that kangaroo and and the small boy made me spurt coffee out of my nose. That was a good laugh, and I appreciate a person that can put a smile on another's face from thousands of miles away.
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