Domination World Should be Smaller Alliance Numbers! and Quicker!


So this is my first domination round and my first round back in like ever!
Very awesome concept, but the world is practically over just one month in as the top alliance basically just came in ready to rock and has tripled the average city size of the next largest alliance.

My suggestion is that the alliances should not be allowed to pact in domination. It should just be one alliance to take it all.

Besides, only one alliance can win it all so how is it possible to rotate members in like WW to get each player a win? Is this even possible, and if it is, it shouldn't be. I believe that domination should be a max of 30 players and there should be no pacts allowed. Game speed should still be quick as I would love to see a world that lasts for about three months.

So 30 members per Team and super fast speeds and build times..... 60 days until we enter into the end phase!

Any thoughts?