Do Peace Shields Or City Teleports Exist?


Is there a way that a newbie can play this game without getting attack and revolted/conquested after the beginner's protection wares off?

In a certain world, ever since my protection wore off someone has been attacking me everyday, making it nearly impossible for me to progress in it.

Now he is revolting against me in 2 hours...

This game is meant to be enjoyed but who enjoys being a newbie and getting attacked everyday after the protection is gone...

As someone who started a few weeks ago, I don't know what to do in this type of situation. I can't ask an alliance for help since every alliance I have joined has denied my application or has kicked me out for whatever reason and the only one I could join isn't active.

Now, like the title suggests, do shields or teleports exist in this game since that is the only way I can think of to defend myself in this game at this point.


There is no city teleport, however, there are occasionally peace times. These are periods where nobody can successfully attack another. If you are being attacked, try to activate militia, get your wall level up (since this is a revolt world), and try to build defensive troops. If you get conquered, it isn't the end. You just have to start over and try again. Many people get conquered. It is just part of the game.