[Discussion] Community chat


Player's Council
What does our community need? Why do you think activity dropped on forum, how can we fix that? Do you think forbidding chats helped?
Would you like to join a Grepolis community chat?
Do you think we need more polls, have a say about world settings?
Should it be allowed to post invitation links to Grepolis related chats (premade, world chat)?
Please join this discussion and tell us about it!


So many of the forum threads degrade into a few players arguing about who's winning the world, and pointing out the errors the other alliances are making, with no respect being shown between the players, and it turns off many players. And many of the discussions pull in actions between players from many worlds ago, further turning off people.

At work, it would be defined as a very low signal to noise ratio.

I usually check the forums daily, but post on very few threads.

The recent discussions from the players council have been exceptions. These have generally been well thought out, respectful discussions.

I know players need a forum to egg on the other players in the world. Maybe split the forums into a world specific forum (maybe accessed from the left menu, and then have a combined, world wide, forum for non-world specific discussions?
That's a number of things, you could blame modding and world size as well. But in terms of rebuilding the community a world chat that can be publicly advertised is a good start. Honestly, like many of Inno's fixes we've just been using loop holes around the rule. World chats still happen. There isn't a world I've been on without them since this rule came in. This ultimately does nothing other than exclude new players from the chat as we can't post and MM it out without using a spam account or individually adding every alliance leader on skype and then adding them in.

You may as well allow it in order to build the community and give them a place to talk trash.


Player's Council
on EN market the policy changed about Skype / Discord chats

As for US players this Rule still apply to our forum / servers - please be careful:
Posting links, join codes, and/or any form of invitation to either a chat room (discord, skype, etc..) or outside communication application is forbidden.

The request is on @Ryvirath's radar now and I'm hopeful for a change. Until then if you would like to join the English version of GPC chat, please visit EN forum for the invite!