Disable External P2P Trading during the Age of WW


Author: iAmK1NG


As many know the alliance cap is a joke, especially in WW worlds. Teams that want to be more selective are put at a disadvantage to more MRA/MRA-esque alliances that want to recruit or pact most of the server to have a wider pool of resources for WW time. This forces those smaller groups to increase their numbers to compete for the endgame.

To make WW fairer to smaller groups and place more respect on the alliance cap I suggest that the developers add a feature toggle that disables all external player-to-player trading during the Age of WW. This will nullify the advantage of these Mass alliances, at least for the resource-sending aspect, and help level the playing field. This could also, hopefully, foster more competition since the existence of multiple sister alliances and pacts would be less beneficial.

The only possible drawback I can see is that the endgame will be more drawn-out. If that does indeed become an issue then a possible solution would be to decrease the required resources needed per Wonder level.

Thank you for your time

- K1NG