Desert Rose


As Ive experienced enlightenment I came agian. No mistakes now. This will be it. I dont seek fields of glory, all I want is a try. Ive been sent here to take this world and then I can leave forever.

Well hello! I am an old player, but I dont want to say too much, because it is a bit cliche. I come here to experience all the new features that Grepolis team came up with while I wasnt here. I am a bit rusty, but some thing never change. I am here to learn about new thing, but I believe I can teach you some thing I was good at.

I thought I will never return, but desire is too big.

Ocean will be my lucky O45. Not a MRA (not sure do you still use this, but it is mass recruit alliance), but I will accept (I am not God and I wont act like Him. What I mean is that I am not above anybody although I am founder) everybody who will by active and aggressive, because this is after all a war game.

If you are intersted or want to know more about me and alliance, please drop me a message and I will be more than happy to answer you.