DeltaForce is one of the strongest alliances in the game, ranked 7th in the world, with a relatively high average, and is ranked second in Ocean 54 by a meager 700 points.

For diplomatic matters, send a well-written in-game message to Etherial Dawn. No blind pacts will be accepted.

For recruitment, please send a well-written message to theconqueror273.

Requirements for recruitment:
1300+ points (this will change as we get bigger)
Your city is located in Ocean 54
Experience or the will to learn
You will be active

If you do not meet one or both of the first two requirements stated above, please write a well-worded message to the conqueror273 explaining why you do not meet those requirements and why we should overlook them, and few exceptions will be made at this point. If you do not meet either of the latter requirements, do not bother sending a message.

Thank you and I hope that your consider DeltaForce.


"No blind pacts will be accepted."

Really? you have 9 pacts

anyway GLHF


Yeah, diplomacy's interesting around here, but I'm lobbying to destroy four of them now.
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I'v seen Your alliance some in ocean 64... pretty good, if ya was closer i'd love to join :p lol


I can suggest something for you. Try and break sieges using LS next time. Unless you want to give us more free bps, we have no objections into that.