Newspaper Delos Tribune 1/2 way to WW Special Issue


Delos Tribune:1/2 Way to WW Special Issue
1) Summary of the World
2) World Analysis
3) Ocean Analysis
4) Top 12 Sink or Swim
5) Interviews
6) Tavern Rumors
7) Wheel of Fortune

The purpose of this issue is to update you on what has happened in Delos so far and what is going to happen in the coming months now that the world is about halfway to the World Wonders phase.
Delos, a speed 3 world, has rapidly progressed since the beginning of October. It has taken Delos a little over 3 months to reach 125 million points, and if the server progresses like it has, I predict that the WW phase will start in around another 3 months, right before the first 13 million point deduction happens.

World Analysis:
This is what Delos currently looks like.


Pink: Soulbreakers Company US, Soulbreakers Company EU, MOUNTAIN RIMMERS
Blue: The Krew
Yellow: REAPERS, Gods Of War
Orange: The Devils Rejects, Devils Advocates
Black: Dark Angels
White: Cats in Hats
Bright Green: Puss in Boots

The Krew and The Soulbreakers alliances are located in Oceans 44, 45, and 54 mainly, while REAPERS and Gods Of War have taken position in the southwest part of the world. These alliances, along with The Devils Rejects and Devils Advocates, occupy a large portion of the world and are alliances to watch out for when WW starts. Also keep an eye on Dark Angels. Their recent merger has given them more territory and players, and they could be a force during the WW stage. CALIBER is a small alliance of elite players located mainly in Ocean 55. Puss in Boots and Cats in Hats are rim alliances in the northwest part of the world.

Analysis of the Key Oceans:
This is an analysis of the main oceans where there is some competition.

Ocean 44 is mainly controlled by Soulbreakers Company US. The Krew, however, also has a larger amount of cities in this area. These two alliances are fighting it out in this ocean that will play a large role in determining the outcome of the world during WW. The Devils Rejects and Devils Advocates are starting to make an appearance here too.

Perhaps the most hotly contested ocean right now. The Krew has a tight grip on most of the ocean. Their core is in the northern and western parts of the area. However, Dark Angels controls almost all of the islands in the southern part of the ocean. Soulbreakers Company US has some territory here as well, and they are currently fighting The Krew for position in this ocean. The Devils Rejects and Devils Advocates also have some cities in the western part of the region.

Soulbreakers Company US and EU largely control this ocean. Gods Of War does have a substantial amount of cities in OC54 as well, making this an ocean for many intense battles during WW time. Old B Clan, the 13th ranked alliance, also has cities in this area and could look to ruin the hopes of the larger alliances in this area.

Gods Of War and REAPERS dominate this ocean. CALIBER, however, is very capable of stirring things up in this ocean, and I expect them to be major players during WW time. Soulbreakers Company US is moving south and east towards this ocean, and they are gaining ground every day. I still expect Gods Of War and REAPERS to maintain control of this ocean though.

Top 12 Sink or Swim:

Soulbreakers Company US: They are still slightly ahead in the points race and have by far the best BP as an alliance SWIM

The Krew: My alliance

REAPERS: Somewhat of a rim alliance, but they've been here from the start and have massive numbers when you factor in Gods of War too SWIM

Gods Of War: Sister alliance to REAPERS, see above SWIM

The Devils Rejects: They dominate all their core oceans and have a sister alliance of almost the same size SWIM

Devils Advocates: Sister to TDR, see above SWIM

Dark Angels: Above average BP for their size and the tightest core in the game SWIM THEN FLOAT

Cats in Hats: They have maintained a steady pace and have a good grip on the areas they control SWIM

MOUNTAIN RIMMERS: As the name says, they are on the rim and away from a lot of the action. However, they are allied with SCUS, so they will be fine SWIM THEN MERGE

Soulbreakers Company EU: Sister to SCUS, although the two alliances mainly operate in different areas. Same result though SWIM

Puss in Boots: An alliance completely on the rim with minimal firepower. We need to give them more time though. FLOAT

CALIBER: A small group of elite players. They just aren’t big enough to make any noise though. FLOAT


Hammer44: The Krew
Question 1: What are your general thoughts on the world so far?
Hammer44: World so far can be characterized as good (Us) vs. Evil (SC). We are outgunned and outspent and something will need to happen as we get closer to WW in order to win. We will need to team up with another very active very experienced alliance in order to suffocate SC.

Question 2: How has TK stayed competitive in a very contested OC45?
Hammer44: Other than the NE corner of 45 we've been able to make inroads on all red DA islands to the south and wear them down.

Question 3: What is your alliance doing to prepare for WW?
Hammer44: Maintaining control of core islands, filling in rocks and weeding out inactive players. Additionally, but not with enough emphasis yet, working to ally with a high quality, competitive alliance

Question 4: What do you think is going to happen in the future as the world progresses to WW?
Hammer44: SC will have the pick of who to partner with and we will need to find a way to counter that WW partnership

spartandna: REAPERS/Gods Of War
Question 1: What are your general thoughts on the world so far?
spartandna: delos= GOLD SPENDERS/ also players boosting stats for BP killing off there own troops.

Question 2: Are your alliances (Reapers, Gods of War, and Children of Geryone) premades from other server/s or did most of the recruiting happen in-game?
spartandna: i brought 1340 (EDITOR:I think this is a typo) players with me from few worlds I have played in. when we got here we recruited 55,65,and 65. that is reapers. with a few of my main guys over there leading. gow is around 70 percent what was left of what we brought with us. COG was a pact when we started, but we have a great relationship.

Question 3: How are your alliances going to compete in the WW phase considering the fact that they are broken up into three different groups? Will rotating be an issue?
spartandna: as of now we are not concerned with wonders. alliances get so rapped up in wonders they forget the important task. win wars, have fun, and protect the core. teams who play for the crown never get it. its the teams that play for fun win the game. as of now i do not see my alliances competeing for wondedrs. that doesnt mean we wont be breaking any though

Question 4: To end the interview, what was your favorite world that you’ve played on? Why?
spartandna: Actium. reason is i got to play with, and against some of the best ive ever seen. also i did not have to travel far at all to fight. the fight came to me. i had a very small tight group i played with

Zeeker348:The Devils Rejects/Devils Advocates:
Question 1: What are your general thoughts on the world so far?
Zeeker348: Its been slow and expansion has been tough due to the mass pacts and heavy golders right off the bat. Grepolis has changed and now it who can spend the most on events and who can buy the most flyers. Aside from that negative it has been fun meeting new people and watching how others play. Learned some new thing and met some new friends. Gonna be a real battle come wonders

Question 2: Do you think your alliance is at a strategic disadvantage because you are towards the outside of the world on the rim?
Zeeker348: No, a RIM wonder is a smart choice as it is harder for our enemies to get to it. By doing so we will have an easier time keeping our wonders safe. We have and we are establishing control of the area allowing us a quick feed and a safe ocean/s

Question 3: What is your alliance doing to prepare for WW?
Zeeker348: Securing our cores and expanding as much as possible. Basic stuff really.

Question 4: What are you most looking forward to as an individual and as an alliance as the world progresses?
Zeeker348: To continue to grow skill wise as a player and to meet new friends as an individual. As an alliance I would say to continue to rise in rank via points and fighters as well as what is everyone's goal, To win..

Tavern Rumors:
You decide!

1) Soulbreakers Company US has conquered 82 cities from The Krew and lost 49.
2) MOUNTAIN RIMMERS have struck a sound blow against The Saxons. They ve conquered 23 cities and lost 6.
3) The weak REAPERS are facing defeat against Cats in Hats. They ve lost 33 and taken 7.
4) Cats in Hats are not holding very well against MOUNTAIN RIMMERS. They ve lost 13 cities and taken 1.
5) The Krew has conquered 50 cities from Dark Angels and lost 28.

Wheel of Fortune:
Welcome to the Wheel of Fortune section! For this section, please pick a number 1-50 and post it below, along with your in-game-name (IGN) for Delos. First prize: 400 gold! The number will be drawn a week from now and I will contact the winner in-game on Delos. I will keep drawing numbers until somebody wins.

Author's Note:
I hope you thoroughly enjoyed this issue! Expect another update when we get closer to WW. If you feel like I did a good job, feel free to give a +rep. If you feel like I missed something or need to change anything, contact me. Thank you!
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The title needs to be changed. I don't know what I did there.


The title needs to be changed. I don't know what I did there.

I fixed the title for you now. BB codes don't work in thread titles. Nice newspaper, now I know a lot more about what is going on in this world :)
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Nice paper, well written, good questions, thoughtful analysis. I can see you put a lot of work in it. Well Done, +rep even though you are TK scum .. haha

I do have one major objection ..

Hammer44: The Krew
Question 1: What are your general thoughts on the world so far?
Hammer44: World so far can be characterized as good (Us) vs. Evil (SC). We are outgunned and outspent and something will need to happen as we get closer to WW in order to win. We will need to team up with another very active very experienced alliance in order to suffocate SC.

We from SC, especially myself, are NOT EVIL. I like children, adore kittens, and positively LOVE puppies .. now does that sound like someone who is evil? We're just misunderstood, and very lovable characters. I'm the nicest person I've ever met, if I do say so myself.
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Good article, I enjoyed reading your opinions. All seem to be fair assessments. Good work


Interesting read. Better newspaper than me!

Keep writing!