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Im going to put this up for discussion as everyone is jumping on the bandwaggon and using the term so loosely that every alliance over 100 people is being branded as an MRA and this is not so.

In my experience in these type of games i tend to put this description to an alliance that invites Hundreds of people without the thought of late game support and locality.
They will spread everywhere and in every ocean/world they can recruit in. What seems to have happened in this game is even alliances that are in One ocean are being branded as such just because they have plenty of members.
MRA,s (and i have to accept this term) are badly run with at least 50% of inactive members that run as an individual ingame and never help each other. Im not naming names but i can think of several alliances across Grep that has been branded as such just because of size and nothing else.

All you newer players dont run away from an alliance just because of what is written ask questions, check locality and check out member activity, that way you can make your own decisions
(Mike62 wrote this on EN Forums)
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a pebble

Sounds fairly close to mine. Mine is just those that mass recruit with no thought whatsoever. All they do is go through the ranks and say, oh...he looks good. and sends the invite.

but yeah, MRA's usually fail within a month of game time (give or take a bit)


You should mention that you did not write this originally. Mike62 did.


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This is a great discussion because I too in my servers experience have seen issues with alliance branding. Many times at the start of servers certain alliances merge or invite veterans from other servers giving them a very high member total, however, they really did not put much effort into recruiting because they asked experience veterans to join. Usually MRA are branded for sending out hundreds of invites to literally any player they can find within a general radius of their starter cities.


Mass recruiting can serve several purposes.

1) It can introduce new players to each other
2) It can open alliance up to players who otherwise would not be invited to other alliances.

#1 is the most important, while you may lose in the first MRA it can help people build a solid team in later worlds, or even the one the MRA started in. In a different game I have played many groups started this way, the good players gravitated to each other in the alliance and formed working relations in other worlds.

Kuro Okami

Finally, someone defines it. Getting tired of being labeled as a MRA and people tell us we are for just our member count.


I'd disagree with:

What seems to have happened in this game is even alliances that are in One ocean are being branded as such just because they have plenty of members.

It's possible for an alliance to recruit too close together, not only too far apart. So, even an alliance that is only in one ocean but has recruited so much that the players can not grow is in my eyes an MRA.

Kuro Okami

I'd have to say a MRA is classified as this:
1. Recruits everyone
2. Uses up all invites
3. Tries to pack close together regardless of points or experience (or on the outskirts)
4. Recruits in externals, friends a lot of people in externals, and allows anyone to join
5. Recruitment is open/selective but still let anyone in
6. Recruitment requirements to join is 1000 Points and the average of the world now is 4000 Points

And so on, there's more but I feel like I'll be here forever listing it.

mr godsword

In my opinion and MRA is a massive recruiting alliance, an alliance that recruits any and everyone except for people that they Know will hurt their alliance.

General Sen

MRA Alliance:

*Leader posts on profile:* We are ELITE!!! Recruitment: VERY SELECTIVE, must have OVEr 1000 points AND be in Ocean 75 or 76! Acts of war: Spying on any or our members, Attacking any of our members, taunting any of our members, attacking any one in our pacts

*Leader Invites everyone possible in Ocean 75 and 76*

500 point guy in Ocean 36: Can i joins?

Leader: Yeah!!!!!

Leader: *Gets rid of an invite and invites guy*

Kuro Okami

The Profile part is.. well bad on how you described it. What if the world just started or O75 or O76 were cores? (not saying they are)
The last parts though do make sense though.

General Sen

That was just to show how far away the guy was in O36...


MRA's are how every world begins. It can work out pretty darn good if the leader runs it properly with a good academy board to show new players how to play and absorbs internals (inactives). To myself, the biggest problem i find in the game is the "know it all" alliances who have leaders that expect every one to know how to play, to back them up, do as they are told and no talking to anyone from another alliance or use the forum. In short, its not an MRA that is bad. Its bad leadership that is bad.

To define an MRA: all alliances in the beginning of the game, and any alliance in the mid to late term that will allow you to go red, ghost and not be an interactive player.
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That's not exactly a fair assessment. Plenty of alliances are premade and do not mass-recruit at the start. For example, Picnic Bunnies on Troy exploded to the top of the leaderboards but this was due to already having members prior to the world's start, not mass recruiting at the world's onset.


i am not on that server but.. lets say at the worlds onset they began with 10 players and a few more waiting in the wings for when it is safe for them to join. Mass recruiting takes place to link them all together. Once they have a safety net, the rest of what I wrote takes place. I won't say all the time, just most of it.
Thats why is say all alliances begin as an MRA. Its the policies/standards that alliances adopt and uphold is what separates them. without policies your on a losing team!
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