December 2013 Monthly Juggernawards!

- The Juggernaut -

Attention: Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls of all ages!
Welcome to the first-ever monthly


The only monthly awards thread that brings class, style, and pizzazz to the world of Psi

"So, what are these Juggernawards," you ask?

Allow me to elucidate: each month there will be several awards announced within the first two weeks, or whenever I get around to doing it. After the award categories have been announced, you will have the remainder of the month to submit nominations for each category.

The winners of each award will be chosen in a totally biased and unfair manner, by me the Juggernaut, at the end of the month. Each winner will receive their own personalized in-game Coat of Arms to proudly display on their profile page!

So, without further ado, allow me to introduce the categories for the month of December:
"The Worst Player of All Time" "Baller Status" "Great Leader" "Biggest Noob" "Biggest Turtle"
dec2013 worst.JPG dec2013 baller.JPG dec2013 leader.JPG dec2013 noob.JPG dec2013 Turtle.JPG

Winners Announced!!
dec2013 worst.JPG - Claiming to be the worst player of all time might just get you a win! Congrats Sepahtu!
dec2013 baller.JPG - Admitting to past wrongdoings can be a difficult task, and one that most of us don't take lightly. So, Torg - you ballin'!
dec2013 leader.JPG - At first I wasn't sure what you'd be like bro, but ever since I've seen your work in action I've been nothing but impressed. Congrats H-Squared! (which is your new nickname)
dec2013 noob2.JPG - You're not really a noob, just an honorary one. Congrats, slobo...I think?
dec2013 noob.JPG - Your overconfidence is your weakness. That, and the fact that the biggest alliances have turned against you specifically and not just your alliance(s).
dec2013 Turtle.JPG - Even though Pacifica is a ghost now, we're STILL trying to clear his city. He'll never see this CoA award, but his gigantic wall and ridiculous amount of defensive troops live on. Literally. They're still there. Yikes...

Congratulations, Winners! Happy Holidays and we will return in January for a brand new edition of the JUGGERNAWARDS!

Disclaimer: Please note that a nomination does not guarantee an award unless The Juggernaut says it does. All awards are given out as a pure act of shenanigans and are meant for entertainment purposes and are not to be taken seriously unless you just really want to and in that case you will be shunned by the rest of the Grepolis community.
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I nominate Slobo for noob :)
I nominate Charl for worst player :) (not even playing) or maybe Faztam hmmmm


Worst Player of All Time: Charl :p
Baller Status:- The Juggernaut - 8)
Great Leader: Torgaddon
Biggest Noob/Troll: R.H.Stogus


I'll nominate Torg for baller status as well.

Biggest noob is R.H.Stogus best leader is Torg and biggest turtle is Sim The Builder

King David II

R.H Stogus sounds like a total noob I nominate him with the nooby award! :-D

- The Juggernaut -

So basically we will hear about the winners on December 31st?
Yeah, I'll do it on the 31st or earlier if there is a sufficient number of nominations per category (I'm really just making this up as I go along). Looks like we've got 'Biggest Noob' nailed down... :)


I nominate H3LL-Hunter for great leader.
Juggernaut for baller status.
Biggest turtle - Will Verlaine (just because he annoys me, turtlin up like it's the end of the world)
Biggest noob - already did that



I vote yes for r.h. stoogey for biggest noob.(ive seen the omega posts there way to nooby.)

- The Juggernaut -

Okay guys, I have a few of these awards locked down, but there's still time to nominate 'Worst Player of All Time' or I'm just gonna pick Charl by default, lol.

Also, Mr. Honeybun, these are not votes. There is no voting in a Juggertatorship. These are merely nominations, so don't go getting any ideas about democracy around here. You have no freedom in this thread!! Mwa ha haaaaa!!

(ahem) But seeing as you're from AL, as I am also, I'll let it slide this time. ROLL TIDE! :)
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Roll Tide!.... I correct myself as I nominate R.H Stoogey for biggest noob