Dang, Pandora is a bit ill-timed?


Don't know about you, but this is a tad tough for a new world!

Edit: I forced one 10 spot award with some tricky timing, but looking out to the future?
I shy from seeing many players expending thousands of units on boxes beyond 15th.

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I view it as a dead content event personally. I like that they tried something new and nerfed the rewards like flyers while offering other rewards...But they may want to do it on something like the battle map events. Early troop blowing wasn't well thought out.


Thanks! Agreed. It was ill-timed for the world.
I haven't played for awhile. A lot is new.
But it poses a bit of agreeable fun for we late-comers to the world.
Not much else do out here except suicide the units for BPs.
Slapping out a 10 spot culture or a few full levels if we dive: is useful... in the end.
And that 10th box will prove quite nice.