Daily Incantation Ranking Broke

I refuse to clean my mailbox. They need to be responsible for cleaning up this GFGDGFM.

I don't even care about my Fen rank so it makes it even more ridiculous. I wish they didn't even send these rank messages.
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Oh lord, just make the spam stop. Pull the plug. Something. Anything!

In settings, you can turn off Grepo special event daily ranking. For the love of mercy, uncheck that box folks.
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And what if someone sent a mass mail of a siege and i cant see it through these 5000 messages

Grepolis you owe us some kind of reward after this error


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We apologize for the inconvenience these messages have caused.

We are aware of the issue and are looking into it.

We ask for your patience and understanding as we get this issue resolved.

You can turn off receiving event mail in game settings, go to Notifications and uncheck the Receiving the Daily Highscore message (Event).



i got about 70 pages of spam deleted but now when i try to delete messages it says they don't exist which means i can't delete them.


I like how they spam us and then give us an "offer" the following morning. You send me thousands of messages and then ask me for money hours after you do? Ballsy.