D&D: Spying


this is a war game and spying is part of war.

i just don't like when people go low enough to go on VM and get on another account to join an alliance and spy. how did that go for you stink eye? i did like the compliments in your message to your alliance about us though.

Had to fit that one in there somewhere right? Oh well...you're not wrong. Widows > Scrublords now.


Hey Smiloden,

This question you cannot ask others but is something you have to ask yourself. People have different opinions on morale and etic aswell as warfare.

Only thing i can say is; "why do people use spies?"

To answer above there will once again be different answers but in my opinion it's because they cannot do with being active, teamplay, experience etc. and need some aditional info in order to restore their wining hand.

I would not accept a spy for me or be a spy because in the end it was a spy and not 1-1 war that won you the war.