Cross Server Inventory + Larger Inventory Options


...I know I know, another crazy idea.

Ok here we go ^_^

A Cross Server Inventory (CSI for short) would work exactly as it sounds: Allow players to use items gained in one server on others. The purpose of the CSI is to add a bit of versatility and essentially make sure items aren't being wasted. Those of us who've played on multiple servers have run into this kind of problem. Some of us more than others.

There would be some restrictions to discourage hoarding and more so for those of us who are on Hyperborea and/or Olynthus:

  • Using the CSI requires a player to have at least 5000 Points on a server before they can use it.
  • Players on Casual Servers (Hyperborea, Olynthus, etc.) may only transfer up to 24 Tokens from those servers per day (resets at midnight).
  • Items from Casual Servers (Hyperborea, Olynthus, etc.) placed in the CSI will be marked. Players can only withdraw up to 24 Items from Casual Servers per day across ALL servers (resets at midnight). For example if you withdraw 8 items on one server and then log into another and withdraw 8 more items in the same day, you can only withdraw 8 more items for the day.
  • Items placed in the CSI can't be accessed from the source server. They can be deleted from the CSI while logged into the source server however.
  • You can't have more than 4 stacks of the same type of Mythical Unit Token in the CSI regardless of Token level at any time.

In addition to all this, you can access the CSI without being logged into a server from a browser. The CSI starts with 70 Slots but you can buy an additional 30 more slots with Gold at a rate of 25/50/100 per row (100 Total). The same type of Item can also now be stacked or separated in the CSI to save space like Premium exclusive item and promotional items are automatically in the placed Extended Inventory for overflow. There would also be sorting options such as by type, order placed and so on to help keep things organized.

When the winner of a server is declared, everyone will be given the option of moving all of the items in their inventory into the CSI at that time. Otherwise, they will be automatically moved when the server closes. When you quit a server, any items are automatically placed inthw CSI. Any items that would put them over their limit when a server closes will be placed in an Extended Inventory.

...Getting to the Larger Inventory Options.

Here's some stuff I have in mind:

  • Duplicate Items can be stacked to save space.
  • Myth tokens can be stacked up to 5 per stack per level.
  • Other Reinforcement Tokens can be stacked up to 20 per stack per level.
  • Number of slots expanded to 30 to start with10 dditional slots that can unlocked at a rate of 25/50 Gold per row.
  • Items left over from events in Event Inventory Slots when they end (for example Aegean Battleships) are automatically placed in the inventory. If there isn't enough space, they are placed in the Expanded Inventory.
  • Various sorting options such as by type, order placed and so on to help keep things organized.
  • If you restart a server or all your cities are taken and you restart, you keep all your items for the next playthrough (I think this is already true now but can't remember exactly).

Some quality of life improvements to say the least.

I am well aware that either of these would be obscenely challenging to do and would take quite a while to test and implement. The payoff would be worth it both figuratively and literally though =O


I'd like more inventory space, but moving items between worlds I dont like that idea. I'd like to see more use of the extended inventory from events. I do think that certain items (5 and 10 year gifts, anything bought in a starter package) should be able to move between worlds.
Upping the inventory from 20 to 30 would be nice, but 100 where you can pull from 5 or 6 worlds really just gives the heavy golders another advantage in my opinion. I kinda like the idea of rolling over items when a world closes, but would limit it to 5 or 10 items.
+ 1 for inventory space,

CSI sounds good, untill you consider that someone could play 5 worlds at a time during an event and have all those tokens stacked on 1 world, combine this with an avid gold user and you got yourself a very pay 2 win scenario.

I'd personally like this idea if it only involved tokens from worlds that have closed, like some spare BP tokens for example. otherwise it's just too easy to surf to a win if you have a big wallet, which already is a massive problem tbh.

Props for the well explained suggestions and the time you've put in it, Quality of life improvements are always nice, just make sure you think of ways to where it can't be abused!
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