CQ/Found Time


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12 hours for another server?!?!??! Speed 5 with 12 hour CQ time was already absurdly stupid, and now we have another blown opportunity for 8 hour CQ time

Why oh why do you hate us @mods

I already know there's no way you can change it cause changing the settings after the world opens could have glitches and unintended consequences so instead i'm just going to bitch about it

Gold blocking for 8 hours = fine
Gold blocking for 12 hours = doable but a bit tedious

For the love of god have a 8 hour CQ world soon, jesus fucking christ you're actually killing me

EN has had 8 hour CQs on the speed 5 AND this speed 4 world, i should've given my money to them instead of you guys holy shit it's so sad
8 hours on all worlds should be the CQ time 12hrs is too long especially when you have players today golding nuke after nuke, shorter CQs and adding a Defensive God focused on DEF UNITS is needed.