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  1. MarkASp

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    Nov 17, 2014
    I was only pointing out that with, or without NB, your cities can be protected. Many of us survived for many years without NB, and sometimes would wake up to cities in revolt, and sometimes launch late night attacks so the enemy woke up in a similar state. And coverage by your alliance is what could make or break a world.

    Personally, I'm not a fan of NB for a variety of reasons, and it's definitely harder on players that work 3rd shift, or are in more remote time zones. But it is what it is, and will be a 'feature' of many worlds. Hopefully it doesn't get any more expansive.
  2. stevehazelnuttehepic

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    Dec 7, 2014
    I was pointing out that he doesn't even need to expand his clique to have cities protected 24/7. Personally I like night bonus because I have your average life and like sleep, but at the same time I can see why others don't like it and I'm willing to play non-NB worlds even though it means I have to answer call-to-arms at 02:00 server time because someone's HCing me.
  3. ROCK27

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    Jul 3, 2013
    All valid arguments; however, the "night bonus" as is-----serves NO purpose
    Either remove it or make it stronger for U.S. players on a U.S. server.
  4. Zeeker348

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    Aug 13, 2013
    Some US players have busy schedules or are awake at night therefore its not fair for them. NB is fine as it is. Either keep it or remove it.
  5. Iamnutstoreturn

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    Aug 7, 2018
    Hello everyone.

    Before I put my 2 cents in. I have to admit. I wasn't intending on returning to Grepolis. I have many issues w/ this game, but most of the issues isn't the game. This is a great game IMO, so with this said. Here's my issues.

    I like spam. I pop the can open & inhale the pork aroma. Slide that slab out of the can & cut thin slices. I then fry them nice & crispy. I then put them toasted slices of bread with mayo. Yummy! [​IMG]

    BUT that isn't what grepolins are not talking about. The only way, to stop this tactic is for the player being targeted, to control their actions, language or what the issue that upset the spammer(s). PM's to players whining to stop. Just escalates the tension even more. Getting on Grepolis Forum giving incorrect information, calling players out or just being an a$$. Doesn't help. Sending & recalling attacks is part of the game. Spy bombing is a way, to get your attention & to empty the cave. Deal with it!

    Players keep forgetting this game runs 24/7. Players aren't going to wait for you to get online to play. They see your yummy city & are going to do whatever it takes. I'm retired. I got nothing better to do & you want to limit me playing this game when I want too.

    Night Bonus: I don't agree with this action. U S server is 4 time zones. I understand players need to sleep. I can take naps. I have constrained myself from waking players up, so I don't have to get a pm from a player whining to me I'm a a$$. Besides, I like my Meat Fresh!

    GOLD. What a mouth full. I have played with it & without it. I like the Advisers. I does help. I have in the past have use my money, to stick it to players I didn't like [​IMG]. Never bought res. Didn't need too. Sure, I have finish build with Gold. Didn't want to wait 10+ hrs to utilize what I had intended for such task. Enough said of Gold.

    Bringing the old back & keeping new players. I use to see Grepolis advertised one a week on a couple of stations. Then it went to once a month on one station. Then nothing. Now all I see of INNO is Elven whatever & AoE twice a week on one station. This should give everyone a clue this game & community are on the way out. So Sad [​IMG]!

    I have more, but I'll most likely get a warning or get band. Not that I care.
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  6. Imladrist

    Imladrist Citizen

    Jan 18, 2014
    I think Helena's starting conquest reduction value should be larger. What good is reducing a siege by 15% with a maxed hero on a world that has sieges that last anything more than 8 hours? I can't recall any instances where a siege was broken because the attackers had 12 hours to attack instead of 10.2.

    I feel a player should really have to rush to break a siege if someone lands with Helena. At it's current use it's just a slightly helpful hero with no real difference to the defender whether she's used or not.
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  7. Crusanderth

    Crusanderth Philosopher

    Jun 18, 2013
    My Concern: Quick Bar

    Why is it so difficult to modify?

    Idea: Make it user-friendly, or at least add a guide on how to.
  8. morg

    morg Peltast Player's Council

    Jun 24, 2013
    There is a Quickbar Tutorial on WIKI:

    But it could be definitely more user friendly. Do you have any suggestions how to change it?
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  9. dysonAlpha

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    Sep 2, 2018
    i still attack people when night bonus is active, gotta keep em on their toes...of course im on at all kinds of wierd hours i have an 4 month old that keeps me up/wakes me up at all hours of day and night lol
  10. sarc

    sarc Newcomer

    Oct 30, 2018
    There is a serious balancing issue between myth units and defense land units especially with how often events are taking place. Myth units impressive stats were initially balanced out by how long it takes to build a full myth nuke. This is not the case however with how often Grepolis is having events. Myth units can be bought with gold and it is removing all the strategy involved. I will outline a scenario in my current conquest world.

    It is common practice with conquest worlds to play with no wall. This allows alliances to break siege attempts with fliers much easier and more efficiently than if the player had a wall. Yesterday, a member of my alliance was put into siege by an enemy alliance. I sent 10 full myth nukes at the siege and was rewarded with a lot of BP. Now, under normal circumstances I would need to rebuild those myth nukes for at a minimum of one month. This would allow the enemy to rebuild defense land units and attempt the siege again this time without the threat of myth nukes. But, with how easy/cheap it is to buy myths from all of the events it took me one day to rebuild all 10 nukes by simply moving a maxed Demo hero around and doubling my myth tokens. The worst part about this is that I spent zero gold to complete this task. I have an inventory full of tokens and have put very little gold into obtaining them.

    Now, onto the problem with these free myth nukes fighting very weak DLU. Last week we put 200,000 defense land units into an enemies city. You would think that this city would be as good as ours correct? Wrong, it only took 50-60 myth nukes to kill all of these units and break the siege. The enemy players were also receiving positive BP ratios the entire time. I built 10 full myth nukes in one day and I am only one player. Imagine how easily heavy gold users can build myth units. It makes attempting to siege the enemy beneficial to them because they reel in so many battle points and give up so little in return.

    There is no strategy anymore. It basically comes down to who can buy more myth units and take the enemies inactive players quicker. DLU needs to be buffed or myth units need to be nerfed. With this amount of events balancing needs to occur to accommodate it.

    Don't even get me started on how unbalanced and exploitable morale has on the game.
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  11. chudd

    chudd Philosopher

    Jul 14, 2013

    yes, yes, yes, everything he said, yes, yes, yes.

    morale issue.

    can it be made that morale of a siege is dependant on who sends the CS and who supports the siege? if you have 1 guy with 30 percent morale as a LMD but 20 or 30 players with a lot of cities then that would raise the average so that it wouldn't be a horrible 30 percent anymore.
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  12. MetalCore

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    Jun 17, 2018
    Yea, I've heard the suggestion that only the troops that belong to the low morale player would have the morale penalty. Or they can just get rid of morale in sieges all together :) . That would be nice
  13. Sudacees

    Sudacees Newcomer

    Nov 4, 2018
    Why is there not a Gold Starting Package offered? Mainly with extensions of Advisors built in & addition inventory slots. Maybe 2nd Hero.
  14. TheFightingMuktuk

    TheFightingMuktuk Messenger

    Aug 31, 2016
    The main issue that needs to be dealt with is spam. Not even a question. There are teams on US server that literally pride themselves on forcing players to quit. Grepolis will never be a popular game until that is dealt with.

    Next thing is competitive balance

    Mobile vs pc platform- mobile is the future of all pay for play games like Grep. Problem is when you have features like the attack planner and players have learned to beat the anti timer using it. mobile players are completely helpless. Sorry to say it but they need to balance the playing field between the two. That’s if we want people to start playing again. Doing away with those features and using a true anti timer that’s equal on all platforms is a huge start

    Stop the mra- when wonders or domination starts your team is locked. There’s no swapping players out. No working the entire server into your alliance for a sham crown.

    Morale drivers- city count? Player points? It’s a simple fix- the more cities a player takes the higher their morale goes and they can’t lower it again.

    Self killing units- inno made adjustments to try and eliminate this but it was so trivial a 3 year old could get around it. Go extreme and put a 30 day cool down on bp from alliance. If you received bp from an alliance member or pact mate and rejoin the alliance within 30 days it disappears

    Gold, events, packages. It’s suppose to be a strategy game. If you can just buy unlimited packages. Gold up troops to defeat strategy then what’s the point?

    The reason worlds are dead is players are getting spammed at all hours. Some have significant advantages with gold, event tokens, starter packages and which platform they use so there is virtually no strategy in a strategy game. Rules are being manipulated and inno is so slow at making changes because they are busy rolling out the next event.
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  15. MarkASp

    MarkASp Peltast

    Nov 17, 2014
    How about splitting gold into 2 pots - global and local. Global would be available on all worlds you play in, and would be any that you've purchased, or received through nightly bonus. Local would be usable only in the world you got it in, and would be any gold you've received through trading. At the end of a world, any local gold would convert to global.

    I have no idea if this would help or hurt inno's bottom line, but it would get rid of people just joining a world to trade gold for use in their primary world. And it would assist players that are serious about a new world, but have excess resources profit from them.
  16. MarkASp

    MarkASp Peltast

    Nov 17, 2014
    3 new suggestions for improvements that shouldn't tax the developers too much:
    1) For reports, such as Wisdom, add information on the target and attacking city. If you have several cities being attacked from several different cities, knowing which attack a wisdom is for would be a nice improvement.
    2) Fix the mobile reporting of BP. The numbers displayed now are meaningless when you look at the reports on mobile. If you publish the results, or look on the web, the numbers are correct.
    3) Fix the population calculations. Occasionally, if a city has no free population, and is hit by an earthquake or lightning bolt, you're not able to rebuild all of the lost levels. It reports that only 3 population are free and you need 4 to rebuild for example.
  17. Corwin36

    Corwin36 Citizen

    Feb 10, 2016
    I really do not understand the issue with spam? its just as legal as low morale and another tool to be used. Any halfway smart person should understand spam is the ONLY weapon that can be used vs LMD stacked by their alliances. Of course they can turn off alarms if it bugs them, IMHO..Folks figure out ways to fight back or they quit. Stopping spam without fixing morale doesn't solve anything either

    Just as dirty catting a city down to 800 and attacking constantly. what do you expect a person to do but one sllinger everyone on the island until they take it. Actions have consequences. People figure out how to fight back or they quit. Sometimes spam is all you have

    This game is about perseverance as much or more than anything else, it is a war game after all. Fight or quit but whatever you do quit simming
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  18. OzyHendrix

    OzyHendrix Newcomer

    Apr 8, 2017
    Stopping by to give my two cents.

    I have been playing this game for years since Beta, on and off. After the last world I played ended back in June 2018, I took 6 months off. I tried getting back into the game back in October but lost motivation after a couple weeks so still drifting afloat. (so still haven't fully experienced Domination so can't give much thoughts on that)

    Spam: I honestly have no issue with it. Only because I have done it multiple times myself and have been on the receiving end being attacked nonstop at 4am in the morning when trying to sleep or when I have been at work when I can't check my phone every 5 minutes once alarm goes off. Best thing I can hope to do is either turn alarms off, empty city so I don't lose troops if its a offensive city esp( facing the risk of enemy player sticking a CS in there with one of their attacks) or just deal with it. Everytime I get spammed I just tell myself I'll get them back the next night. Would actually rather deal with spammers/LMDs than someone who doesn't do anything but sim and turtle because at least then I'm getting entertainment out of fighting because at the end of the day, its still just a game for everyone to enjoy.

    Night Bonus: I understand the reason it was made and because of that, dislike it. At this point in the game, majority of the players left on worlds are veterans who have played the game for years and can be online when being attacked, so attacking during the middle of the night IMO increases my chances of getting through and landing a hit without getting dodged. Which is why I personally don't like it that much. I can still deal with it so it isn't the end of the world. So like others have mentioned, keep it or remove it.

    Gold: Majority have already explained thoroughly why gold is causing a lot of people to leave the game and I agree. Everything said above is 10/10.

    Mostly been relatively quiet about the issues this game has as I mostly take it as I go and just play it regardless but as much as I like this game and will probably come back to play another world at some point, I can't see myself coming back for a while if Inno doesn't end up doing anything (highly doubt they will either). Frustrating to see someone join up in a world a month after it started and gold everything to reach the top like its nothing by using the money they have to take out the enemy rather than actual strategy and gameplay.
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  19. riotdog

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    Apr 18, 2016
    Create a world where morale's inactive every once in a while. It's been a year since the last morale inactive world was created.
  20. surfnsound

    surfnsound Messenger

    Mar 15, 2014
    Can we please change it when, in the harbor, if you were to select, say, lightships, then click on the Call of the Ocean button, it resets the ship selection to slow transports. So many times I forget and just click build, and lose resources when cancelling the order.
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