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If you can't post something nice then don't post anything at all!!! This thread is intended to bring some decency back into the chi forumn. Only compliments please.

I will start: I would like to compliment Nnicker and the entire albatross team for sticking together through some rough times. They had alot of trouble in the early stages of they're apoc war. They stayed strong, trimmed the fat, fell back and regrouped. Over time they were able to start to turn the tides in they're war and now have reclaimed they're territory and have become a force to reckon with in chi. Nice work guys. Goes to show you what you can overcome with a group that works together. World can change fast and no ones story proves it more than ToA.


Yes we did tough it out.
I will honestly admit without your advice and experience this world could of shaped very different if OoA caved and was apocalypse birds.
The chigs are a great example of what a few players within an ocean or two can do when working together. It creates more action, closer teammates, and better relationships.
Thanks for the complimentary complement, from everyone at The order of albatross!


I would like to compliment everybody that has stuck around for the past 6 months, and we have many more months to follow before this world is over. Best of luck to everyone. Can't wait till WW. Will be quite interesting to see how the world will shape out by then

Darius Nax

I would like to compliment everyone that has not changed alliances at the first sign of trouble. Loyalty and toughness are rare traits in this modern world and this game is a microcosm of how most of us live our lives.

Emilio Estebez

A lot of people deserve compliments on this world so I'll mention the ones that stand out to me, all for different reasons and in no particular order. Everyone has their pros and cons so I don't mind giving props where they're due.

1) G.O.M. for getting 85.6 favor per hour for Zeus. 8)
Jesmaec for putting the fear in me with her rampages. Always enjoy those
Jham for building this alliance and bringing our group together, never had more fun on a game.

2) Emerus for simply killing it. and Bayhawk for building that alliance from the ground up.

3) Phoenix Rising for fighting like people should in this game.

4) ttbbe for building a strong alliance and a pretty damn good core from what I can see.

5) Albatross like Jham said, Hungry group of players that are tightly knit and work well together.

6) Mega for fighting back and not quitting. Even though we disagree about everything, its nice to have an enemy that cares and really fights.

7) Darius for his massive gold spending and turtling, quite impressive and I've never seen anyone do it to the scale that you have.
Also good to see you keeping a good attitude.

If you feel left out, I got tired of writing. Nothing personal
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I would like to thank the CHIguanas for breaking up AN
I would like to thank everyone for helping me learn this game. Plenty more to learn! I would like to thank my guys and gals who will throw down at the drop of a hat with me. You guys make this game amazing!

I would also give a shout out to TTBBE for being a great enemy from the start! Jogaxrr would be my favorite "enemy" and others I have talked with. You guys and gals always keep me on my toes.

Also like to thank Emerus for giving me a horse to chase!

Look forward to "meeting" all of you over the coarse of the next year. Happy Hunting 8)

Darius Nax

Rest in peace Mega. I hope RL treats you well. Through it all you have stuck by your word which, unfortunately, is rare in this game.

Himdo 2014-05-26 16:27

I just don't understand why some players get so attached to their cities that they would turn to an enemy just to not lose those cities. Cities come and go, but honor, friendship, and respect are a hell of a lot harder to earn back.
I would also like to thank everyone who kept on keeping on! This world could have died very easily... Now things are VERY interesting... SO thanks to everyone for that!
I'd like to praise 4twenty and the rest of Blood. He's currently running a rim alliance that is outside of the top 12, so I know pretty much everybody on these forums won't have heard of him and know very little about blood but they've done an outstanding job so deserves a shout out.

When Atlantis (who we had just declared war on) merged into Blood, it stated a war between us. Within a two weeks blood were knocked out of the top 12 and falling fast. A month after conflict started, the leaders of blood went inactive, leaving their players to fend for themselves. Many of them went inactive, others defected so things were not looking good for Blood. However 4twenty and Jessie stayed there, took over the alliance and started training their players, which had no previous playing experience and have done a great job.

Due to their size, they can't hold sieges against us, or break them when we land CS in theirs so the stats for conquests do not accurately reflect how well they have played, which is unfair because these guys and gals are now some of the best defenders I've ever played against.

They shown great amounts of staying power, team work and loyalty to each other and have earned a lot of respect from me and others in Neph. We've hit other players who had more cities, who were in bigger alliances with just a small fraction of the attacks these guys have had and they've lost more cities, defected or quit the server but Blood have stuck it out, sniped countless CS attacks and even tho they are the underdog they have been having fun playing and everyone I've spoken too have been lovely.

For an alliance that started late, had only had a few experienced players and were abandoned by their founders, they have done a fantastic job.

Darius Nax

Spill the beans! I miss this world
I was a part of an alliance that led the world by far. Then one by one all the "founders" quit and then almost all the "leaders" quit, then all my "friends" in the game jumped to the enemy alliance and started attacking me.

Good times.


I was a part of an alliance that led the world by far. Then one by one all the "founders" quit and then almost all the "leaders" quit, then all my "friends" in the game jumped to the enemy alliance and started attacking me.

Good times.
Wow, too bad. How's Chig looking?