Cities displaying incorrect coordinates


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I'm building a tool to make backtracking units a bit easier, and found a few apparent bugs in the process. The program basically is going to calculate vectors based on city coordinates, and apply buffs/unit speed to give specific/accurate return times.

Ex: If we need to pull a siege due to LS, we can calculate return time of the LS sent & can backtrack. Unless they have Bir cover in every LS nuke sent, they'll take a huge loss bc they can't dodge.

The issue that I ran into, is that 2 cities on 1 island have technically the same coordinates, despite a 17min hoplite travel time. There seems to be an issue plotting, and it gives 2 cities on opposite ends of the island the same coordinate of (471, 467).


Data is inaccurate even after refreshing, so I'd be interested to see if others are having the same issue.

Edit: Others are having the same issue.
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Another explanation could be, that instead of a bug, it was disabled to offload-the servers on Inno's end. Switching data from individual cities, to island coordinates. No hard feelings regardless, I'd just be curious to know if city coordinates are going to return so I could continue working on my backtrack-tool :)