CHIguanas coming to Town


ChIguanas Alliance

The ChIguanus Alliance Are joining Troy :

We look forward to Spirited game play and Lots of interaction between Friends and Foes alike .

We always look forward to meeting players we have yet had the privilege to play with in the past.

WE are a Hyper active bunch of Players that respect the Game and Enjoy playing.

Our leader , A Scholar of extraordinary insight. A World leader in Letting us do what we Want. A Respected Leader
Whose dedicated service has enhanced the vitality of our collective insanity. I am Honored to Introduce :

Jham4u .

Please contact Jham4u for recruitment :

Recruitment is CLOSED


What a wonderful introduction BB... I think. I hope this world turns out to be as much fun as the pre world dialogue suggests. Good luck to everyone. Can't wait for the trash talking to start!