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First, I want to congratulate all of CHIG Nation for beating The Order of Albatross by 00:05:01. We had one ally alliance and that was Phoenix Rising and one of their members had other plans for our plans. I think that several of the members of CHIG Nation actually deserved to win, although I think several of the Nation didn't. It would have been the same if Albatross had won because I believe there is a great bunch of us that deserved to win, and several who didn't at all. This being my first world I assume that this is common.

For everyone in Chig, I appreciate you. I think you guys were an excellent group of players from the first few days of the server and deserved to win. Most of us in OoA we brand new to the game and I, for one, feel lucky that we made it this far. We were oh so close, 5 minutes and 1 second off. I also want to thank Athenakins for making this all happen because now I can focus elsewhere and forget about Chi (aside from my sniping on my WW cities).

You guys had a good plan, had a tight area for your World Wonders, had some very good fighters. I think personally I learned a lot from this world since it was my first. Again, I want to be the voice of Alba when we say Congratulations and it is an award well earned. We will have some crazies and some misfits that go off the deep end just as CHIG Nation has with their childish messages of "I'm on VM BUT WE WON HAHAHAHA" but, this is our response. You guys won and we lost. It's failry simple. There has to be a winner and a loser in everything you do. CHIG Nation is the winner and The Order of Albatross just couldn't beat the headstart from Phoenix Rising member, Athenakins. I will tell you this, if she had jumped to our side we would have done the same exact thing so no hard feelings from where I am standing. A win is a win is a win is a win in my book.

That being said, I am good with gloating from players like Boiler, Pixie, Prod, JHam, Bay, Gorben, GOM, Tone and players of their stature but if you truly had nothing to do with it other than once favor boost then please be quiet. This is a time for actual winners to stand up and be proud. ( I know I left some out, and I apologize) I just wish it came down to a fight between OOA and would have been much more fun that way.

Again, congratulations to CHIG Nation and all Be Well,

Will (Flavius Aetius)
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Well said Will!

Both sides do have some good players who deserved to win, players like you, plumbersteve, whammo etc have been really good enemies and it has been a pleasure playing against you. Will you really are one of my most favoritest people in the whole of Chi and I've really enjoyed getting to know you over the last few months and it is a shame that there can be only one winner cos I would have loved it if you could have won as well as us

I would also like to thank Athenakins, as you said if a PR member had had jumped Alba like you had planned, then there would have been a different outcome.

However imho the credit for our win goes to General Tone, STRYKER 225 from 90000001 and the team of people that worked together and landed CS on an enemy WW island which started the race for the final WW. If they hadn't fought for that city and taken it, then none of this would have happened and the server would still be stalemated. It was a well executed op and it got us the win
well played guys!

Also would like to give a shout out to the rest of 90000001. Like Chigs and Alba, they have some great players who also deserved to win.

So many players, like MCC, Nax, Mega etc, couldn't hack it in Chi and quit, so I think everyone that managed to last for 18 months here should all feel proud of what they have achieved.


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You are a class-act.

We have all spent a lot of time, and sometimes a lot of money here. We have neglected our sleep, our jobs, our families and our responsibilities because of the sound of trumpets. This has been a long journey, and I agree with you that this world is full of players who deserved to win and didn't and those who did not deserve to win but did.

The fact is that the Chigs did something that we thought would be impossible, and they landed a cs on our world wonder island. That is what forced the end of the stalemate. Since the beginning of the server PR's goal was to take cities and wreak havoc. They refused to compromise with anyone. Refused countless merger offers, and played the game the way they wanted. Even the end game. I know it frustrated both sides because we, PR, did not want to end anything, but wanted to continue to fight.

I knew Blame Wulfgar first as an enemy and then as a friend. I want everyone to know that my respect and allegiance goes to him and his band of misfits whom I love very much. I would have NEVER left the alliance and thus giving BOTH Alba and Chigs the opportunity to hit go on their Tomb build had that cs not landed. NEVER.

Tone you know I'm still upset that I didn't know about your cs sooner because I would have done everything I could to stop you. BUT, it was well planned, and well executed, and I have to give you credit for making it happen.

Thank you Alba, and thank you Chigs for allowing our members to rotate in and help accelerate each of your Tomb builds. It lead to some very interesting discussions among the members of PR. I did what I did because it allowed for more PR members the opportunity to fight for the win. Most in PR didn't care. They were just interested in the process, but some were looking for that win, and THAT is what mattered to me.

I want to thank all the fantastic enemies that make this game so much fun. I have learned so much from you.

"A wise man gets more use from his enemies than a fool from his friends" ~ Baltasar Gracian
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why not go fight them for there wonders?
Why didn't who fight who for their WW?

Alba and PR didn't fight for each others 'cos they had a pact.

PR is currently too far from Chig's WW to fight for those but they have been pushing deeper into 44 so they were getting closer so that they could attack them.

Alba and Chig both founded and CQd cities by each others WW and both had multiple attempts on each others islands. The vast majority of those hit into bire walls. The closest either side has gotten to taking a city off the other was Gorben (Chigs) landing CS on Alba WW island but Alba broke siege 10 hours in.

As Chig's were fighting on 2 fronts, we didnt just attack Alba's WW, we also sent multiple attepmts at PRs WW, the majority failled however the last one landed one and we held the siege.

So everyone was either pacted, too far away or fighting for each others WW.
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why not go fight them for there wonders?
We all know World Wonder cities are ridiculously stacked. Our closest CS to any Chig wonders was close to 24hrs away. We were moving closer. Going island by island and taking cities in 44. That is what we were doing, and that kind of thing takes time. Hence, the prolonged stalemate that we forced.

At the same time we are a small alliance. Our cities were stacked, but we also relied on the ability to quickly move troops to defend our cities. Each of us could easily move in 5K of DLU within an hour, and we are all good at sniping. But, Real Life happens and Tone and Stryker found an opportunity. Had we known the cs was coming, we could have easily stopped it with troops just from the island. In fact, Tone admitted that he was surprised that the cs landed.


Psh. Migrate and fight them for there wonders!!!!! I no very little of this server I was in tau and when won 4 the world continued on for 7 more months with wonders changing hands probablly 20 times then the alliance I was with got the crown don't give up Will!


agreed with flav i probably one who doesnt deserve the win that much as i havent been here the whole time but i came back when i heard the world was in danger of closing to help some old friends find their crown so far i've helpped a bit with the win now if we can only get the crown XD