Chi Milestones

10 mill alliance ABP - The Nephilim
10 mil alliance DBP - TTBBE

Can we also have a new misc award for - first player to try to close the server by ghosting their account lol
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nooooooooo never :p

By the way I'm going on vacation until 11/1/14, so if any milestones get achieved in that time post it here and I'll update when I can


was looing at the milestones and relizing how many players are gone from the world and how awesome the days of Angry Penguins were and how we still hold most of the alliance records RIP. Angry Penguins the best there ever was


1 million aBP - General Tone

Alliance BP 20 million - TTBBE
Alliance total points 25 million - TTBBE
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Don't think we'll see a major war unless total is dropped to 150 a side and I think that'll go to PR v TTBBE however there is still time left so 200 may happen. 5k Alliance CQs also looks doubtful now but other than that, we will have a fully completed list and its really sad how happy this makes me.