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Author Of Idea
: Nick Papageorgio97. I'm new to the forum; however, I am a veteran player who won a crown in Delphi with Legion Of Death.

Idea: I'm proposing that InnoGames revisits their "casual world" concept that was part of their 2014 roadmap. I'm NOT proposing that they implement these changes in all worlds, but instead develop a new world for more casual players who desire a better Grepolis-real life balance.

Reason for idea: One of Grepolis' largest demographics is undoubtedly players who have quit the game. There are unfortunately only a small number of players who I played with in Delphi that are still active today. Many quit due to Grepolis-real life balance issues. I speak from personal experience. Given the addictive nature of Grepolis, many who have quit have a desire to return, but need an option that provides a better Grepo-real life balance versus the 24/7 vigilance required to be an effective player in Grepolis.

Proposal for how the idea could be implemented:
1) When a player begins the process to quit, InnoGames could provide them with an option to join a casual world that may better suit them and prevent them from quitting (win for the player and win for InnoGames for preventing a player from quitting).

2) If the casual world is implemented, InnoGames could email former players and invite them back to join the new casual world (explaining the settings). It would also likely help to provide a reward incentive for coming back (like InnoGames currently does).

3) The closest thing that Grepolis currently has to a casual world is Hyperborea. While I recently joined Hyperborea, this is not my ideal casual world (I prefer revolt). If the casual world concept is a "no go", I would propose that InnoGames at least offer the Hyperborea option to all players who begin the process to quit as a possible alternative. I've been playing for years and only found out about Hyperborea recently.

4) Preferred settings:
a) Night / rest time defensive bonus (8-10 hours), set by player. Consider making this period a peace time.
b) Consider only allowing conquering of inactive players and ghost towns if there is a desire for an extremely causal world.
c) Morale enabled.
d) Modify revolt time settings for more casual gameplay.
e) Permanent modest defensive bonus to facilitate more causal gameplay.
Preferred settings are of course a matter of preference. Feedback and suggestions would be helpful in establishing the best settings.

In closing, I believe that this causal world concept is a win win. Winner for players who are contemplating quitting or have quit who need a better Grepolis-real life balance, plus it helps InnoGames retain players they would otherwise lose. I fully realize that the forum is made up mostly of extremely active players, so this is not the key demographic for this concept (and probably why this hasn't been implemented sooner if InnoGames is relying on feedback from the most active players); however, please keep in mind that someday you may also need a better Grepolis-real life balance and will be happy to have this option available.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this idea,
Nick Papageorgio97
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Given that the target demographic for this idea is players who are contemplating quitting or have quit, one way to get feedback from them on this idea would be to ask a player when they start the quitting process if they would consider continuing or coming back if there was a casual world option that would provide better Grepo-Life balance.

Players who have quit could be emailed to ask them in a brief survey if they would be interested in coming back if there was a casual world option.