Capturing a red revolt town mechanic question


I've wondered for a while now, are you able to send a revolt attack and get a city into revolt from one of your cities, but then from an entirely different city that DOESN'T have revolt researched but has CS researched, able to send a CS and successfully capture the city? Such as in the case where your first city has revolt researched, but your academy in the 2nd city isn't quite at 28 yet, so it only has the CS part? Or does the attack bounce?


yes, you can Revolt from one city, and land a CS from another city. Even if your CS city doesn't have conquest researched.


Yes. The revolt goes with the player, not the revolting city. This is why you can only get a single revolt on a city, no matter how many revolt attacks you land. In some cases, players will send multiple CS to help ensure 1 gets through, and this would be harder from a single city. It also lets you get the revolt from a various offensive nukes, and send the CS from a more balanced city since you need to send a mix of offensive and defensive land and water units.