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Dear potential candidate,

We are happy to see that you are considering to introduce yourself as a candidate for the second term of the Grepolis Player Council.

Please take a moment to write an introduction about yourself and outline why you would be a fitting candidate to represent your language version.

This thread will be kept open until April 19, 2018, 23:59 CEST. Please make sure to have posted your introduction until this date to become a valid candidate for our in-game voting.

The in-game voting is currently scheduled to take place starting April 27, 2018.

Disclaimer: This thread will be moderated heavily. Every post that does not comprise a serious application to the Grepolis player council will be removed accordingly.


Hello Grepolites!

Name's Sunvaar. I've been playing since 2010 and have seen this game change many times. Some for the better, some, not so great.. I'd like to be considered because I'm a full believer in fairness and honest gameplay. Too often have I seen massive golders drive newcomers away. Too often have I seen MODs use their personal motives for doing certain things within the game like random players getting gold packs/troops packs, only certain ones getting bans for rule breaking yet others of much worse acts get nothing. And too much have I seen players go at each other simply because they don't like each other and/or create hugathon alliances because the ally cap is so low now.

I want to #MakeGrepolisGreatAgain (haha)! I've won a few worlds, won many wars, led many teams. Even have been on a few teams as well. I have a few ideas that I believe will help balance out the game for ALL players. I'd like to work on getting the US market more attractive again. I'd like to get these forums alive again like back in the Byzantium, Tau, Omega, Gythium, Beta, Alpha, and many other older world days. I'd like to work with the Devs and MODs in not only moderating, but leading by example and holding each other accountable. I also want to look at possibly removing all the old "How To's" that no longer apply so new players don't get confused and learn something that's no longer applicable to the game today.

I hope you'll take the time to vote for me, and if I'm allowed to be brought on, that you'll trust me with your thoughts on the game and how to improve it.



Dear Player,

My name is Nori and I'm here to STOP SPAM. I have played this game for over 7 years during which I was spammed for 7 months daily, it is an allowed and widely used strategy in Grepolis.
Spam hurts everyone, even if we are not directly targeted. App players can't handle it, newbs get bad impression, weak players cheat to beat it, and some rather quit or start spamming too... When players lose interest, the community loses members - we are killing our own game, because it is allowed.

Player Council should be the platform given by innogames to discuss these problems, ideas on every market separately that serve best the local community. Our US Council forum thread is empty, so I figured this is the perfect opportunity to bring this spam problem into your attention - please vote for me and I will do my best to STOP SPAM!

Thank you for your support in advance, even if I don't get elected I hope this will open a discussion and help the US community in joining this good initiative named Player Council. You should be involved in forming the upcoming changes too!


About me... I'm Nori, looking for a hubby on grepo, spam was only an excuse... but if the minimal attack unit number would increase by every attempt that could make it harder to spam (for example). I'm not too smart but stubborn, please bear with me: STOP SPAM!
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To the players in the US server,

I am gorsh.daddy in-game, and Gorsh in real life. I have been playing Grepolis since EN Zeta. As much as I love gaming on PC or console, Grepolis is by far my favorite. However, recently, the game is dying. You don't see many new faces anymore, and the number of players in new worlds is decreasing. I remember being super proud of being in the top 100 players just because of how big the worlds were.. now, it's almost embarrassing for how active I am, and not being in the top 30. This should not be the case, since I don't consider myself a top 20 player in the height of worlds, especially when Grepolis was at it's prime.

In real life, I work in sales and marketing. It is my personal experience that allows me to connect with individuals on a personal and cordial manner in-game, as well as being a good leader. I am throwing my hat into the ring for Player Council to actively listen to complaints and ideas from members of the Grepolis community to better this game.

For my term, I want to put emphasis on how to bring in new players, as well as keep the old. That is probably for the Inno marketing department to work on, but it can also start in-game and through forums.

I know there will be complaints about gold usage, but you can't stop players from spending money on a game. But, there can be limits to discuss, or even new ideas. Wouldn't it be pretty wizard to have a group discount on gold for your alliance?

Another problem I have encountered and constantly hear, but never experienced in older worlds, is excessive SPAM. Yes, we have all done it, seen it, or experienced it- locking out a player from being able to view the game on their browser, no matter how strong their RAM or graphics cards. And No player deserves to be worn down to the point of exhaustion, anxiety, or obstruction of their own real-lives, especially players who spend their hard-earned money, only to leave the game or the front-lines of battle to get away from months worth of sleep deprivation. There are simple ways to hinder excessive spamming, and with enough cohesion from players across every server, we can ensure that players don't leave this game just because of an op that made them lose 10+ cities without being able to fight back.

I have so many ideas to make this game better, and to create more competition, but also keep the game as fun as it used to be, while incorporating gold usage, as well as personal skill- And I know you do too.

I don't expect to become elected, but hopefully my ideas and emphasis here can lead to more discussion, and give future candidates a template on what to work on moving forward.

Best regards and luck to all,


Hello All,

First time caller long time listener here :D

If chosen I promise to ban all players on attackable bans and never non-attackable, we don't need to protect the integrity of the game! just click ban and move on I say... I also want to change every worlds rules after World Wonders have been completed, why reward players that follow the rules. I want all support wait times increased to 24 hr on all replies to questions and concerns sent to us as it is the only line of communication for players to the discuss issues with Inno Games. Also I want a new event every 48 hrs so we can maximize our profits before this game ends and eliminate skill and dedication from this game and make it easy for everyone. Who ever spends the most WINS!!!!!

Oh wait, this is already happening, never mind! :mad:


I have played for years and have met some great people, friend or foe depending on the world and understand the time and dedication it takes to be a leader and/or a front line player. Family suffers, work suffers, and players have been in car accidents due to this game and in return Inno ignores you if you have a concern or a question. My wife actually cleaned out the guest room and we sleep separate now because of alarms because I sleep with my phone under my pillow on full volume plugged in to the wall charger. We all know the sad truth that a certain group of players bot every world and they bot all day then attack back all late night due to the time zone difference. In the last world I reported a player so much I stopped adding details to the reply I just sent another reports of my CS being sniped by transports and a CS. I believe he actually received one ban for a day but his bot was still working so it took a few tries but I finally landed a CS. I work in the Corporate world and without direction, communication, and core values you have nothing and lose great people to other companies and that is the trend this gaming company has chosen to travel unfortunately. They created a game that requires maximum dedication, team building skills to succeed, and most importantly one must put in the work to be the best! but unfortunately they turn it into what it is today foreign botting teams and a incompetent support system that never replies.

Best of luck to all players,
Inno get it together


one last clue Inno,

any thought of creating a real time interaction room dedicated to each world, to actually get to know players and understand what we deal with everyday. Maybe getting your fingers back on the pulse of this game might turn this back around. If you may have noticed most of us our new comers to this forum because it doesn't work.
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how do we nominate someone? i want to nominate HMZepher


how do we nominate someone? i want to nominate HMZepher

Too late! Had to sign up last night!

If it isn't too late, I will throw my name into the ring.

I have played since US18 Rho, had some of the best players ever teach me how to play revolt, I have also played some conquest worlds, and have a fairly good idea of how the game is played.

There are plenty of things that could be worked on and made better in the game to make it fun again, too many to really name. And everyone has a different opinion of what is needed to be done.

Personally for me, I would like to see a limit on how many of the heroes you can obtain per world, but I am probably one of the few. I loved my first world, no heroes, no level 45 farms, gold to halve the build times instead of insta-build. I think really I would just like to see a little skill needed again to play and succeed in the world you are in, instead of money.

And less events, ugh, every 1-2 months is way too many, remember when it happened 3-4 times a year and everyone looked forward to it? Now most people say 'ugh another event coming up next month!'
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figures. you should be just given an automatic appointment lol. maybe i can start a petition lol or an protest march
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