Can The Misfits Declare War For Once?

Paul S.

Every war we've been in, we never started but always finished it.

(Old) Blackhearts
Section 9
Southern Alliance

And now Victorious Secrets is declaring war because they don't understand boundaries and respect diplomacy enough to work things out even though most of the conflicts are happening because of them. lol

I've YET to declare war on anyone..

Cannnnn, anybodyyyyy find meeeeee.. Somebodyy tooooo killllllll.

*Queen reference*

For real though this is getting old. BTW updated score of SA vs TM is 36-7. Good job SA, you're ALMOST at 10 lol.

And what's even better, SA is still following leadership from a player who has already lost.. My my. This world is full of great people I must say haha


Paul, you're an idiot. You have made that apparent. Here's a list of reasons why I say that.

1. You can't understand the fact that one of your members attacking another alliance is an act of war.
2. In this game, there is no boundaries.
3. your score against SA is 10 off. I just checked.
4. Your "diplomacy" is nothing but a bunch of crap and lies. That also makes you a liar as well as an idiot.

I feel sorry for you though, it must be hard going through life being that stupid and making up your own version of the truth.

Paul S.

Brett LOL okayy..

Score is 36-7. I've been tracking the conquests via the alliance conquest tab. Also, stats prove we're killing SA. Try again.

And pretty sure we agree to not bother each other when I helped build Victorious Secrets AND spelled it out for you guys because you all were sinking to every other pathetic alliance an couldn't even kill alpha pack. I don't go north you don't come south. you came south, problems happened. Now you're pacted with SA (who is lead by a player who already lost the game to us), and now you wanna fight because you can't get off your high horse and realize you're about to make a very big mistake.

There's a reason we're #1 in attacking right now (and #2 if War.Hammer was still around).

And crap and lies? Because where did I lie? What "crap" am I presenting? I said, "hey, if you want problems to continue then keep expanding south. If you don't quit going south". Plain and simple.

Sorry our farming runs on cities you guys are taking in our oceans are turning into attacks because you're trying to conquer our farms lol

I'm glad you feel sorry for me though. Because it does get very annoying when someone likes to bark louder than they can bite. SA tried that, and so did every other alliance we've killed. And now look. Welcome to being #6 :)


Still with the stupidity. 160 ls is not a farming run. thanks for the bp though. nobody expanded south, the city that was attacked was in the alliance since day 1. i'm am certain you are the one that made the mistake, not us. you also had nothing, and I repeat, nothing to do with building Victorious Secrets. I just don't understand what fantasy land you are getting that from. So basically your whole post was 1 long lie. Whatever helps you sleep I guess.

Paul S.

Shall I go retrieve the Chatzy room where me you and the rest of your current alliance listened to me as I told you guys what to do and post the URL link here?

And didn't expand south? Really? That's why there's around 10 new cities between O44 and O34 within the week.. Niceeeee

And sorry your inactive in our ocean was hit. Idk why you're making such a big deal over an inactive who has been inactive for TWO WEEKS. Maybe you guys should've internalized him sooner or booted him. Remember, this is your FIRST REAL war. And you'll find it MUCH more difficult than you think

thisisgrepolis And this is my team.


go retrieve it and let's just see what I said about anything. as I recall, you wanted us to stop fighting the warmongers, which we didn't.

no, we didn't expand south, those were cities taken by players already in those oceans. try again.

I know how long that player was inactive for, but that don't matter, you were caught attacking it, thus starting this war. so I guess even the topic to this thread is a lie.


Hey, they have some balls and are keeping this world interesting for you all on the west side. I have recetly noticed that this world is quickly boiling down to 6 or seven alliances.


just this one now, but we keep getting attacks from you guys.

and we wasn't wanting the one we're in now, but paul and his bunch had to keep on until they picked a fight with us. we're just a bunch of peaceful beer drinkers, I don't know why anyone wants to fight with us. we were just hoping to make it to wonders and have some fun battles then. we were also TM would make it that far, but it's looking like they might not. :( oops,, :)
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LOL, that wasn't a complaint. I was just saying I don't know why we rub folks the wrong way. we're a fun bunch. but if someone does want to fight, we'll oblige them. we were content as cucumbers up here in our 2 oceans. as far as the pacts go, we only have....well, that's a PM subject.

Paul S.

Actually the score is 8-0 Vs. And this is because I've been out of town all weekend. lol

I'm home now. So let's see how quickly that gets turned around lol.

And yeah, kinda sad That SA has is so desperate and trying to make friends everywhere as well as VS is just as desperate to make friends with SA which is dying and literally a dead horse now. Especially because over half of that alliance has PMed me for peace. haha

And no not even close Pbrett. We're in O44 you guys weren't. You guys came across problems with us because you were trying to take cities that we farm regularly and attacks were launched on the cities LONG before the cities were even yours. And since we accidentally hit your inactive player (Which you had once told me that you wouldn't make a big deal over our inacitves in our ocean and he was) you decided to use that as your scapegoat to call for war. So there it is.

As for the chat room. I found the link but the site doesn't store past 14 days so you're luck there:
"There is no room at the specified web address.

Perhaps you misspelled the address or followed an invalid link?

Also, chat rooms not used for 14 days are considered outdated and deleted automatically. Perhaps you are following a link to such an outdated room.

If you don't find what you are looking for, you can create a new room."

AND YOU didn't want a fight with us!? BHAHAHAHAHAHAHA PLEASEEEEEEEE. You called for the war!! IF you didn't want the war you should've gotten your head out of your butt and said "okay we'll stop coming into O44/O34". That was my terms. You said "Nope sorry it's war". Over one guy who was inactive for OVER two weeks.

But anyways, like I said, I'm back from my business trip now. So we'll see how this war goes now that I'm back ;)