Newspaper Calydon Observer~Issue II



By Scipio Africanus I

Table of Contents

  • A Quick Update
  • Interviews/Alliance Maps
  • Rumors. Truth or Lies?
  • What Are Your Thoughts?
  • Wheel of Fortune

A Quick Update

It's been roughly a month since the world has started. Many alliances have merged, such as the Extraordinary Gentlemen and The Horde. During this time, a new event has also been going on called "The Spartan Assassin" where you kill the units with arrows and accumulate points. Then, you can go to the "shop" and trade in points for awards. Also, there's a "community goal" where if one of the goals is reached, everyone will get that goal (I.E if the goal "Increased Favor production" has been reached, then everyone would get the increased favor production).

Also, pacts have begun to form at this stage. There has been rumours that Cleo has declared war on Hammertime and its pacts. We'll see if that is true in the coming weeks.


RL Has Bad Graphics

What are your thoughts on the world so far?

FermentingFruit said:
It's been... Interesting. It seems like the top 12 changes daily. Some alliances have already locked down their oceans, but some are still getting fought over. It's been interesting to watch.

Ever since The Smilodon Fatalis decided to leave the alliance, what has happened to it?

FermentingFruit said:
Honestly, I wasn't even in the alliance yet when that happened, but it still seems to be running great. No issues that I've really seen with leadership or members.

Has your alliance declared war on anyone yet?

FermentingFruit said:
We have declared war on Hammertime. I haven't actually looked at the stats, but I know we're winning :)

I also have a personal war with Cleo, does that count ;) (I'm winning btw)

What are your thoughts about Spartan Assassins?

FermentingFruit said:
I think the event in itself isn't as great as some of the other ones we've seen in the past, but the rewards, especially the myth nukes are great, especially for a conquest world like this one. It'll certainly make taking cities a little harder for a bit

What's up with that profile picture?

FermentingFruit said:
I don't know man, I asked some guy to make me a cool one and this was his idea of cool

Do you think your alliance will have a chance of winning WW?

FermentingFruit said:
I think it's way too early to make any predictions about world wonders. What I can say is that I played with the musketeers on En Gythium, and they dominated and won that world, and I think this group has the skill, leadership, and active players to be even better than that group.

So what is the score between RL and Hammertime?

Some people have spread the rumours that RL is working with Instinct. Is that true?

FermentingFruit said:

Any last words to end the interview?

FermentingFruit said:
I'd just like to do a quick shoutout to Cleo for all the free BP. I look forward to it. Also quick shout out to whiplady for blocking my messages because she "didn't like my attitude" AKA she didn't like how I'd brag to her every time I one upped her alliance hahaha

Honey Badgers

What are your thoughts on the world so far?

Dyno said:
I good deal slower then we Badgers are use too being on, but getting a ton better now that cities are added and growth is a bit easier.

Appear to be some good alliances at server core, that I see players I know and have heard of, then I see a good few alliances that are true MRA as always.

All in all the Badgers seem to like the server speed and growth is doing good. No real complaints.

Has your alliance declared war on any alliance yet? If so, who?

Dyno said:
It is too early to really declare war on alliances at this stage in the game. All alliances in and around our determined core area are painted brown or red and being attacked to move them out. We have taken cities from all the alliances around us and will continue to until they get the message and learn of our borders and deemed core zone. The key is we work together as a team and attack and defend as one unit. Our attacks and city takes are well planned out in advance any new player learns the systems first hand and gets involved, teamwork and activity has always been the foundation of Badger success.

The Badger alliance has been around a good deal since early grepo and with last servers being Naxos & Phi. So we are no strangers to what we need to do to be successful on servers. We have the stats to prove we mean business and we only move in one direction. Much like I see in your alliance and a few others on the server. Should be a real good server once things really get moving.

why did you name your alliance honey badgers?

Dyno said:
You would have to ask the first founders of the alliance long back in early days of grepolis. As we all know the Honey Badger is one of the most feared animals on the planet and our true founders; JoeWho, ArtbyChris, and austintheargonaut, figured this would be a great symbol to show the style and game play to others alliance as they used on EN server early days. As we Badgers, "Don't Care". Over the years of playing we have been coined an alliance "That plays the game the right way" and "always showing respect in game play", quotes found on grepo forums of past. I personally have been with the Badgers for multiple servers now and enjoy the team work and game play style that the alliances so instills into its players. I have been messaged on multiple servers that have ask "are you guys the Badgers from such and such" and I reply "yes", " then you guys rock and are bad a$$".

We are here to play the game, introduce the Badger alliance to new players as well as old players and just have a good time. We all win some and we all lose some, that is the game.

The true meaning to being a Badger is always showing respect in either direction and letting our actions speak the words, rather then type them, because how long it took me to type this, I could have taken your city faster, LMAO...

Why did you decide to join late in this world?

Dyno said:
We where still cleaning up Naxos. We then voted on the new server play and since many are not real active on Naxos, it took a good while to get all the Badger players input, many even needed to be tracked down due to leaving and going to other servers to play for a while.

So after getting all the players that planned to join possibly, we send the scouts over to check server position in multiple oceans, then finally voted on the best option for us to have growth and control of where we wanted to be. So then I joined and formed the alliance and started to give the invites and the rest is history.

Did you originally start with 100+ members or are they new members that you've picked up in this world?

Dyno said:
Are you asking if the Honey Badgers are an MRA. You tell me? What did the other servers we played on tell you about that MRA thought? Stats never lie. We always finish in the top 5 of BP and top 5 of total alliance.

60+ are true Badgers from past servers (you may even have a few in your alliance?). Others are proven experienced and active players welcomed into the alliance and a few are newer players that we always like to welcome to learn the Badger play style and to learn the game of grepolis. All alliances should give back to the game and teach players to be apart of something fun to play.

Badgers have been known for our small tight and compact size that pacts a big punch. Here we will see as we are trying a new chapter in game play. Will we ever sister, NEVER, so we will have to truely determine a good alliance size and it appears to be close to that point now.

Do you believe that your alliance will win world wonders?

Dyno said:
why too early to tell, but that is the goal. Which again is a far stretch from the Badger way of game play.

JoeWho the true founder of the Badgers was not ever a big fan of the WW, as he always stated that the game is of war and fighting, not collecting resources, so it has always been the Badgers way in the past to have a vote just at WW and those that wanted to stay and fight it out in WW, where handed to our only Pact mates on the server and the others such as myself and many currently in the alliance now, would hand off cities and leave.

Our goal here will be to go the distance if the game allows it to occur. Again it would be with our one Pact mate and again I'm sure vote would occur, but I think I know the vote before even asking the alliance mates.

Is your alliance heading towards or heading away from the core?

Dyno said:
On this slow server 500/500 core would be a huge leap on CS TT. We choose to stronghold where we are currently building up our main core. We have a strong mission layout and have let the alliances here know we have drawn the line to where they can and can't be. Many are smart and have just fled and others will be learning fast as well.

Time will tell, but the mission is in place and we are all working on the goals of the alliance. As we get more into the server and growth is at a faster pace we will then determine what is best for the alliance and the growth of this players.

What are your thoughts on the new event, "Spartan Assassins"?

Dyno said:
Not bad, It appear grepo is adding a good deal of items like this to keep the players interest in the game during the lengthy build times or during down times. I really wish they had this crap when I first started playing, well better late than never.

The only issues I don't like about these games like this are it give the gold spenders an even greater advantage and what you then find is a greater bully system of play. I for one am not a big fan of the bully system of play. If you can't play the game the way it is meant to be play then you are still weak even with your bought 20+ cities, that I will still take with my 5 correctly built cities.

Any last words before we close this interview?

Dyno said:
Enjoy the game,just because it is of war, we are killing pixels, we don't need to kill real humans. Play with respect and just have fun.

Extraordinary Gentlemen/Honey Badgers

What are your thoughts on the world so far?

Portopolis said:
Well it had been a little chaotic but, things will start to settle soon.

What do you think of the new event?

Portopolis said:
Haven't used it much. But lots of myth nukes will probably start popping up.

Was there a merge between Extraordinary Gentlemen and Honey Badgers? If so, what caused this merge?

Portopolis said:
Their wasn't a merge, the alliance crumbled under pressure from HB and most went to HB, with a few going to The Refugees.

Why did some members go to Refugees?

Portopolis said:
They were closer to Refugees than HB and because a few EG members had ties with Refugees from another world so many members trusted them.

In O53, there is an alliance called Sinn Fein. Have you taken cities from them yet?

Portopolis said:
I just joined, I don't know.

To end the newspaper, any last words?

Portopolis said:
This world will be entertaining. I see many rim alliances rising to power as almost all core alliances are weak, I can't wait.

Truth or Lies

  1. Rock5 is only in this world just to do the newspapers and not really playing the game.
  2. The Raiding Horde was formed because of a merge between Raiders and The Horde Conglomerate
  3. Hammertime has 3 pacts, 2 NAPs but only 1 enemy.
  4. The Smilodon Fatalis is actually inactive in Calydon and logs on only 1-2 times a day.
  5. Strikehard is secretly in Cleopatra's Legion
  6. S.T.O.R.M. and Perfect Storm are sister alliances
  7. RL Has Bad Graphics has a database similar to Grepostats and Grepointel that shows everyone's offline times.

Wheel of Fortune

Last Week's Winner: Blue. Dragon

Congratulations! You will receive your reward in a few moments.

-Pick a number between 1 and 100
-If someone already picked that you wanted, pick another.

I hope you enjoyed the newspaper. Please + rep if you liked it. If you have any suggestions, please post below. Until next time, Adios!
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Good Job!

Glad to see you are continuing this :p +rep if it lets me



7. Is entirely true. We're in the process of installing spycams in every HT barracks, too.

Oh so that's why RL players have joined HT. Thanks for clearing this up, I was genuinely confused.


Truth or Lies No# 6.... maybe academy alliance? Hows STORM going?


Like the paper. Keep it going and try to get it 'to press' a little quicker. Some of the info on publication already was a bit dated. It's a slow world in which some things happen quickly. Well done!