Calydon Alliances


We had some fun with this in Actium. Basically you post about an alliance you'd like to know more about, someone answers with their knowledge and then also posts about an alliance they want to know more about.

Can anyone tell me about Perfect Storm?


Don't know anything about them really. What's everyones opinion about The Militia?


To gather an outsiders opinion on it.

so basically you need attention, sure let me give it a try =D

points rank- 8
--3rd lowest points avg of top 12 alliances
ABP Rank- 10, with 34000... with 68 members thats about 500 BP avg per player O__o
DBP rank- 14, with 11400. this likely cant be helped.
Fighter rank - 11, with 45600 points, avg of 670 BP per player.

one small decent core in ocean 64, other then that pretty spread out.


Henry12345 - shows ok stats.
William Willas - seems like you could find a better pick then him.

Name - sounds like you wanted to stay un-noticed.

so i guess my overall outside opinion is you suck.
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Tell you about S.T.O.R.M? What do you need to know that our stats do not show?