Calling for a Boycot


So as we were told, they added a new rule to this already over policed forum. Seems they don't want players to go to other forums where we can talk freely. Why else would they make posting links to other forums against the rules ??
Oh, I'm sure this is the excuse: 12yr. olds play this game and we wouldn't want them to click on a link taking them to a forum where they may get exposed to vulgar language.
If they don't want us posting links, then they should disable the ability to do so.

Things are WAY out of control. Why should we bother using a forum that wont allow us to speak freely ? Using this forum isn't a convenience, it's a way for them to control us and force their will upon us... a police action.

I say leave this forum to the 12yr. olds and everyone else use what they can't control.

I will not be posting on these forums any more because even though my post have NOT been vulgar, mine keep getting deleted. Freedom of speech means nothing to these people. Must be run by liberal democrats...maybe even antifa thugs.

So I'm calling for a boycott of these forums.


Guest you even know how to liberty, bro?

How has anyone infringed on your right to freedom of speech? Last time I checked, these forums are PRIVATE PROPERTY. Claiming that this privately owned forum is infringing on your right to free speech reminds me of a guy I knew who wanted to sue a restaurant for violating his civil rights because they wouldn't let him o the premises while open carrying a handgun. He was saying they were violating his 2nd Amendment rights.

Pro tip. The government can violate your rights, whereas privately owned entities cannot. Why? No one is forcing you to deal with the private entity. Wanting to force someone to forego their own rights (property rights), to placate yours? I got news for you. That is the definition of progressive politics. In other words, you don't know anything about individual liberty and rights.