Calling All Challengers

Attention: Theta "Others"!

Where is the heart...Where are the Warriors?

Which of you will stand up and fight!?

Here we are..Sailing from ocean to ocean just begging for a fight. Laughing as we hear word from our northern brothers that "The Best" alliance has decided to up and abandon their ocean and scurry back to o64.
When finally we trip over those meddling kids over in LMFAO.
They looked tough at first...then we took a city...then another city. And SEE YA !
They tucked tail and ran too !

I ask you, Theta..Is this how it's going to be from here on out!?
Will TS & TR have to start chasing alliances to other worlds now?
Or will a real threat arise !?
Sound off if you got em !
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mr godsword

I believe you mean -The Worst- as we like to call them in TR, but nice PnP though :D You would get a +rep but I repped you a few days ago and would have to spread a little more around ;-)


I'll join Theta again, start an MRA (magnificent rimming alliance), and destroy you all :-D
Come on back!!!

Theta can send you packing twice :p

Lol in all serious..come on back and bring all the trash talkers with you.

Admiral Eat It

Tell you what Mr El Negro, I'll leave your alliance and give you a run for your money, just kidding that would be suicide


Although this was a fun and laughable read, it is very true. The attacks we get from "the others" are laughable at best IF we even get lucky enough to get attacks. Now, I could show you all these hilarious reports the last couple of weeks from "the others" but I digress, ill spare your "best" dignity.
The fact is, all of "the others" are going on vm mode and forgetting about grepolis in general and those that stay playing just keep asking us to join, WHERE IS YOUR HEART! Don't make Theta this easy and please for the love of God stop leaving and VM'ing (unless you actually have to) and man (or women) up for once "others"!!! We were optimistic that The Adjustment Bureau and Justice Legion would be valuable opponents, but they as well just turtle up/vm/quit/send the worst attacks i've ever seen in my life and are not even fun/fair to fight.
The fight is in "the others" favor in numbers, summon yourselves instead of turtling yourselves.


Boy...this thread is hillarious.

I guess TR got just what they asked for eh?

Considering it was made by a member of Sin..and considering our current position..I don't think I see the humor from your side.


Look at ocean 44 a few months ago when TR claimed they would annhiliate BH and 'called all challengers'.

Now look at ocean 44 today.

Humerous indeed.


Look at ocean 44 a few months ago when TR claimed they would annhiliate BH and 'called all challengers'.

Now look at ocean 44 today.

Humerous indeed.
Except for the fact that those weren't conquests; you guys just colonized the crap out of ocean 44, and then merged with JL.

That is why the map looks different. NOT because you conquered around 40 inactive players cities.
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explain that in detail spin.

Seems to ,e youve taken a few inactives yourself eh?

Besides, irregardless of how, TR was supposed to annhilate us?

Were still here.