Brotherhood goes BY-BY ?????


So after AD calls out the alliance Brotherhood and more importantly their head cheerleader regulator [someone should regulate his spending in grep] lol, it seems like some of their old allies have now turned against them as well and they are now in a position where they can no longer sim away at grepolis and actually have to do some fighting as their is no one left to recruit....

This my friends is when alliances such as this who have won their oceans from recruitment as opposed to war usually go BY BY or do the complete opposite and make a name for themselves...

Since they don't have an AD grepolis 5899 model xlt MONSTER lol, if you were a smart betting grepolis watcher I would place your money on brotherhood going BY BY and sooner then you can think....

All that being said I am sure they have some pretty good fighters [at least i am hoping they do] and if they do, not only do I look forward to meeting up with them but for better words embarassing them, you know in a professional gimme that city sorta way lol

The world is watching Brotherhood, The monster is coming.......


Really, are these forums this boring lol

1st yummy victim for the monster is BH member askia mohomad. Although he wasnt very filling and the monster needs to eat more