Bringing back Auto-updating maps


Dear players,

Not so long ago, Ac04 has terminated his Auto Updating Maps. We all know how great they were, and I'm sure they are missed.
I had already prepared them for US a month ago, but forgot to create the topics :(

Please note that I am currently still measuring server impact, and that this is a betalaunch which means it may (and very likely will) contain bugs. I am counting on you guys to help me find them and fix them! Thanks in advance!

Without too much talking,
the maps are the same ones: Top players, Top Alliances and conquers.
Note: I have changed the amount of time for conquers to last 24h instead of last 7 days.

Next to that I am proud to announce the launch of 6 new maps!
Those show the top fighter alliances and players in each category (overall, attacker and defender).

I update the maps two times a day: 0 AM and 12 PM NY time
New worlds
are added automatically. (or should be :D )

How to use
Replace {worldid} with the id of the world. Example: us55
Top 10 Players of a world

Top 10 Alliances of a world

Conquers in the last 24h

Top 10 Players Fighters Overall of a world

Top 10 Players Fighters Attackers of a world


Top 10 Players Fighters Defenders of a world

Top 10 Alliances Fighters Overall of a world

Top 10 Alliances Fighters Attackers of a world


Top 10 Alliances Fighters Defenders of a world

I sincerely hope you like them, let me know your feedback!

To finish I also wish to tease you with 2 upcoming features:
Map History (showing a timeline of maps of one world)
- Ghost finder within a range of coords

Best regards,
Joris - Ibra Gonza
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