BP Farms and Bandit Camps feedback!


I never have any trouble finding BP, i follow the red dots so i am never short. I don't like the idea of it having to be used for farming villages instead of going towards slots, but i will deal with it.
But i rely on farming villages to grow and reload, for the first 3 months of the game i daily max my farming villages with looting and demanding. I think its hard enough getting enough resources with the current daily limit, let alone reducing it.

I'm all for change and experimentation, and i'll give anything a go. I just hope this change is nothing too negative on my Grepolis experience, otherwise i will have to find a new gaming hobby. Along with my PayPal account that is probably paying off someones weekly repayments on a Rolls Royce at Inno right now


Stupid and unnecessary, that's all the feedback you need


Not a fan of the BP farms. Seems like it stunts growth of the player as using BP for advancing farms rather than Parades. Very much prefer the old Farming Villages. The Bandit Camp is OK as the more "charms" are useful to develop a new city but maybe 50 instead of 100 would line up better with the end of Beginner Protection.


Not a fan of the BP villages for several reasons:
1) If you end up in an area with lots of inactive players, you can harvest for lots of resources, but not BP.
2) I'd rather use my BP to run VP and open up more slots. The 1500ish BP to level them up is 5 VPs.
3) With the old style farm villages, you inherited the levels that are already on the island, which can be a draw to certain islands.
4) Leveling up the villages was a group activity, building alliance cooperation.
5) You could use Patroness to get the first several villages.

I'm not opposed to being able to use BP to conquer and level them up as an option. It just shouldn't be the only mechanism.


lol so much for feed back on this one.. i didnt really see any one who was for it.. and yet this settings will remaind permanent. Inno you never cease to amaze me on your non giving a shit about the players ahaha... i still wish the old style would be brought back


I despise them with a passion. Bring back the old farming villages now


the players, as usual, will find a way to defeat whatever obstacles Inno developers put in the way of them enjoying the game. In this instance players will use their resources to build troops and and attack their alliance mates for bp. Those same resources would have gone to level up the old style villages. I have always considered players who attack teammates just for bp to be pseudo-cheaters, but this "innovation" will cause that behavior to proliferate.


I ve been using it to kill off troop types that are not beneficial anymore. Only concern would be if need a specific amount per troop type to complete missions.