Blue Collar Criminals - looking for thieves, criminals, and troublemakers


We believe in honor among thieves.

We are looking to fill 4-5 membership spots but will be very selective in our recruitment process. Prospects will be required to display the ability to follow directions, create city claims and support request properly with time, dates, and bbcode, as well as take part in a team activity before they are invited to the alliance. Once invited to the alliance, players are constantly under review and assessment.

We do not have a point requirement, you just need a brain and to be able to communicate and work as a team. Our only true requirements are communication based and include reading all forum post and you must have a Skype account so that you can communicate with other members and make friends. Skype is free, can be accessed by installing to your computer or through a web page if you do not like installing new programs. We only text on Skype, we do not video or voice chat so there is no need to be shy about it (unless you want to be spooked by some of our members who admit to playing in there underpants ;).

If you would like to be considered for our team please contact me or Destruxia here or in game. We will respond to you as we have time. Please be patient as the recruitment process is taken slow and serious. To help speed the process up you can provide us with links to your stats from other worlds as well as any references you may want us to consult. This is a tight team and we are looking to keep it that way.



You are about 3 months late. I disbanded BCC in late November I believe.

I'm sorry.