Black Legion


Dear Players,

I would like to inform you the Gamma world's newest alliance, the Black Legion.

Black Legion was the first alliance of the hungarian Kappa, Lambda, Mu, and Achilles worlds, with very strong diplomacy.
We want to fight with diplomacy, but we like wars, too. If an alliance, or a player do not want to make diplomacy with us, we attack him/them but not conquer. After this, if the player, or the alliance do not want to make it, we conquer he/them.

So we prefer diplomacy, but we like fight, too. We only want to give a chance to everyone.


Everybody knows the differents, but we know the way to combine them.
Don't always say, what do you know, but always know what to say.
Diplomacy is the present, dictatorship is the past, and we are the future!

We offer you:

Fast communication,
Good diplomacy,
Funny tasks,

What we expect from you:

Be active,
Be fast,
Dont hesitate,
Obey your leaders,
Train troops, not points,
Have fun.

We do not want to make dictatorship, like many alliance, just want to collect the best players, and have fun.

If you want to join us, send a message to Trys Asgon, or fill the questionnaire (soon, with Google Documents).

Trys Asgon
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I wont jon Gamma world, please close/delete this thread.

Have a nice day.


Thank you iwey, i want to join gamma, too, but i havent got much time to do that, and i dont want to meet disgusting players, just lynchius, and petrika grosi