Have you seen this Pokemon?


If so beware, it may seem like a cute, cuddly purple friend, but the red eyes and creepy smile tell the real story.

I once knew a gengar myself. It was in charge of this collective called the borg, and I was with some guys called the rebellion. At first it was cute and cuddly, I befriended it quickly, it talked about us being friends for as long as this world would last, when we were still in the beginner's protecion. This went on well for a while as it amused us with its ability to walk through walls and its long tongue.


For the longest time I thought we'd be the best of friends. Then, one day, out of no where, Gengar turned on us! He broke the pact that we had made and started attacking us.


He wasted no time making us pay. Calling on his massive and frightful army to attack the most logical target. One that was three hours away from his city. Now Gengar comes to my city every night. He travels three hours and only brings his ships. I see him every night and wonder why he doesn't have anything better to do. But I guess people that break pacts are hard to understand.

Beware of gengars and their friends, if you make a pact with them don't think it will last, because they will turn against you too.


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I found this somewhat amusing. Not bad for a first try at a PnP. I'd give plus rep but... :)


Yeah, It was pretty funny. I think you did very well.


ya'll can't catch this Pokemon. Gengars only listen and respond to powerful trainers